Taoist phenomena!

The runes include not only the heavenly runes that Xu Ying has sorted out in recent days, but also the immortal runes. The Tao phenomena are also extremely complex, and even the Tao phenomena such as Xu Ying’s Buzhou and Bahuang Lianri that he copied.
/He doesn’t seek a deep understanding, only a comprehensive one.
The ambition of these two guys also scared Emperor Zhou, and at the same time made his eagerness and expectation grow day by day.
Taishi Jiang knew that his expectation was nothing more than to use Xu Ying’s power to control the heavenly tribulation and help him overcome the tribulation and become an immortal. The big snake and the big bell around Xu Ying have achieved this, let alone Xu Ying?
It was only Xu Ying’s delay in saying that he could master the Heavenly Tribulation that made Emperor Zhou restless.
Taishi Jiang advised: “Your Majesty, please be patient. Since Fellow Daoist Xu has promised us, he will naturally not break his promise.”
Emperor Zhou sighed and said: “I know he is a believer, but it is my lifelong wish to transcend the tribulation and ascend to heaven. It is of great importance. If I cannot ascend, I will be ashamed of my ancestors. If Brother Xu cannot control the tribulation.”
He hesitated for a moment, then gritted his teeth and said, “I’m going to take a gamble! Grand Master, what do you think are the chances of winning if I rise to the top?”
Taishi Jiang raised his eyebrows and said with excitement, “Originally there was no chance of winning, but what Outer God Zhongxiao said made me feel that our previous thinking was correct. It is absolutely feasible to ascend to the sky!”
The monarch and his ministers stood side by side, looking at Jiuyi Mountain in the distance.
That mountain had traces of a catastrophe and a rising glow, which attracted their attention.
The plan they had set before to overcome the tribulation and ascend was to ascend toward the sky.
The so-called ascension to the dynasty involves first refining Hao Jing into an immortal weapon and building a large-scale fairy city, using Hao Jing as a stronghold to fight against the heavenly calamity!
They brought many immortal gold mines from Kunlun to refine Haojing according to the characteristics of the skills and magical powers of the three thousand great Zhou Qi masters. Three thousand soldiers each occupied a part of Haojing, and the Emperor Zhou and Taishi Jiang occupied the center. and hub.
Each of the thousands of soldiers of the Great Zhou Dynasty understood different Taoist phenomena of China. The mountains, rivers, and rivers of China, as well as other states and seas outside China, were all included in the Taoist phenomena of the Great Zhou soldiers!
On the day of crossing the tribulation, three thousand soldiers mobilized the Daoxiang to cover the entire Yuanshou world. Shenzhou, other provinces, oceans and other places were all sacrificed by the Daoxiang, and together with Haojing, they faced the catastrophe!
Three thousand Ascension Stage Qi Refiners survive the tribulati