huge. There is a sword hilt stuck in the skull.

Xu Ying withdrew his gaze. It was daytime now. If it were night, I’m afraid this place would be the territory of monsters and monsters. I don’t know how many ghosts are rampant!
The Shuikou Temple is located right on the center line of the Great Crack.
The center line of the temple gate of this ruined temple completely overlaps with the center line of the big crack!
When Xu Ying saw this scene, a majestic sword energy suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, splitting the sky, tearing the earth, and splitting a huge mountain in half!
/When we came here, the sword intent in the big crack suddenly became dozens of times stronger. The closer we got to Shuikou Temple, the stronger the sword intent became!
Xu Ying even faintly sensed that a sword light like a flying rainbow from the sky seemed to be piercing his Xiyi Realm!
There were more people coming here than he thought. In addition to ghosts and gods, there were also many Nuo masters, some dressed in official Nuo attire, and some like Jianghu schools.
“Why are there so many people here?”
Xu Ying was puzzled and asked a Nuo master who seemed to be from the martial arts school. The Nuo master told him that this was a new land with many treasures and rare and exotic herbs, which attracted people to visit.
/Another Nuo master told him: “Both the Zhou family and Yin Ting are arresting a key criminal named Xu Ying. I heard that this person is good at deciphering the demon clan’s skills. The news spread out somehow. Several major families paid great attention to it and ordered people to come. Capture Xu Ying and try your luck. What do you call your little brother?”
“In Lower Dingquan.”
When the Nuo master saw the unbelievably big snake next to him, he was frightened. Although he had doubts, he did not dare to ask more questions.
The door of the ruined temple hangs in the center of the big crack. Although it is in the center of the big crack, the ruined temple does not crack. Someone used Nuo skills to catalyze ivy to build a long bridge, leading directly to the entrance of the ruined temple.
Xu Ying came to the long bridge and saw someone looking at the big crack. There were pens, inks, paper and inkstones beside them. They even took out a ruler to measure the big crack. I don’t know what they were doing.
Xu Ying walked up to him. The man was a young man. He looked only one or two years older than Xu Ying. He had fair skin and was about the same height as him.
However, Xu Ying has a broad frame and big hands, which gives people a rough feeling. Although this young man is tall, his frame is small, and his eyebrows, eyes, ears, nose, and lips are much more delicate.
He was dressed in white clothes, with indigo as the hem and embroidered with light cyan chilong patterns. His clothes were elegant and there were no unnecessary accessories.
There was an old man beside him, wearing traditional servant attire, blue clothes and cloth shoes, with gray hair. He looked wary when he saw Xu Ying and Jian Qi approaching.