ehind Chu Tiandu. Will the fellow Jianghu think that we are in the same group as Old Demon Chu? “

Master Fire Dragon shuddered: “Isn’t it possible?”
At this moment, an extremely powerful aura erupted, and a middle-aged man stepped forward. His powerful aura directly suppressed the other young masters who were planning to rush out.
This middle-aged man was Shen Baiyu’s master, Gao Xuanzong, the master of Huanjian Valley. Seeing that his apprentice was injured, he couldn’t help but get angry. He stepped forward, glanced at Master Fire Dragon and Han Zekang, and sneered: “Devil’s lackeys! Bah. !”
Master Huolong got angry and shouted: “Gao Xuanzong, who are you scolding? How come I have become a lackey of the devil? You tell me clearly today, otherwise I will never be done with you!”
Han Zekang quickly grabbed his hand and pulled it back, whispering: “Master, if you fight with Gao Xuanzong, we will really become the lackeys of the devil!”
Gao Xuanzong, the master of Huanjian Valley, stopped looking at the two of them and said to Xu Ying, “Chu Tiandu, I want to learn something.”
“Bah! Shameless!”
Master Huolong spat heavily and said mockingly, “You, Gao Xuanzong, are from the older generation. You actually challenge Chu Tiandu, who is a generation below you. How shameless! When did I, Taishi, become so shameless?”
Han Zekang’s face turned pale: “It’s over. I am afraid that the Condor Palace will be removed from the world of Taishi. I wonder if the founder of the Condor Palace in the immortal world will run away overnight?”
Gao Xuanzong, the master of Huanjian Valley, his face darkened, turned around and left, sneering: “Master Huolong, the master of the Condor Palace, actually took refuge in the Demon Realm and became the lackey of the Purple-clothed Demon Lord. I hope the little Heavenly Lord will promise you a lot of glory and wealth. ?I will burn incense and sue my Immortal Master of Huanjian Valley!”
Han Zekang had a sudden thought: “Oh no, the founder of the Condor Palace is really going to leave the Condor Palace overnight! Why are our masters and disciples so unlucky to meet Chu Tiandu, the god of plague?”
When Xu Ying saw Huanjian Valley Master retreating, he was relieved and said with a smile: “Gao Valley Master is a master. If you fight with me, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold back my strength and will accidentally beat you to death.”
/Gao Xuanzong, the master of Huanjian Valley, had his hands trembling, and the fine sword energy behind him was flying around in the sky, and he could hardly help but take action.
Suddenly, a voice came and said with a smile: “Purple-clothed Demon Lord Chu Tiandu is indeed worthy of his reputation. Master Gao Valley, please bear with me, don’t let the demon realm laugh at us for not knowing etiquette.”
/When Gao Xuanzong heard this voice, he breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile: “Young Master Yuchuan said that.”
Xu Ying looked around and saw a young man in brocade clothes walking towards him with a smile on his face. He was quite handsome and comely, wi