ly some larvae that live under the ground. When they mature, they will break through the ground and leave some holes.

The cave in front was left by a relatively large Zerg. What Xiaobai meant was that all seven auras were in the cave.
/“Ah!” Just when David was about to hide his aura and approach, he heard a scream coming from the cave.
It seemed like someone was being tortured, otherwise he wouldn’t have made such a sound.
“It’s Manuel’s voice!” Although the scream made the voice distorted, David still recognized that it was the voice of Manuel, the large shield warrior in the Cotton Army’s group.
As long as the attack is sudden, coupled with the power of third-grade sniper bullets, if you are lucky, you may be able to kill him with one hit, and at worst, you may cause Chaofan to suffer some injuries, which will affect your combat effectiveness.
But if David were to wait here for Chaofan to come out, the members of Soldier Cotton’s team might not survive.
Based on the Academy Alliance’s attitude towards enemies who dare to provoke, even extraordinary ones cannot escape long-term pursuit.
So David decided to get closer. With a thought in his mind, Shadow Warrior took the second-grade heavy ax in his hand back into the space ring, and the third-grade heavy ax appeared in his hand.
To deal with an extraordinary person up close, David didn’t dare to be careless. Only a third-level heavy ax could break through the extraordinary defense.
Stepping gently, David carefully approached the cave, and there was a sound coming from inside.
“Tell me, whoever in the academy recently got a luminous crystal, tell me what you know, and you can still live, otherwise I will slowly torture you!” There was no emotion in the voice.
When David heard this, he couldn’t help but be startled. He was asking about the ‘Pregnant Crystal Stone’, but how did the news of the ‘Pregnant Crystal Stone’ get out?
The reason why the news of the ‘pregnancy crystal’ spread out was precisely because of the actions of two military extraordinary men, Justin Chaofan and Julius Chaofan.
If this continues, Justin Chao and Julius Chao will really stay on the Guardian Star and live without rights and benefits every day.
Unless they leave the military, but as military extraordinary, they have received great benefits from the military. It is simply impossible for them to return these benefits and leave the military.
It is not easy to leave the military extraordinary. There are many extraordinary people in the military, especially among them there is a powerful extraordinary law enforcement department that specializes in dealing with military extraordinary people who commit crimes.
Regardless of whether others believe this news or not, there will always be people who are interested in a treasure at the level of the ‘pregnancy crystal’.
But money and silk are alluring, and the value of a ‘pregnancy crystal’ is enough to make many people’s hearts flutter.
This involves huge interests, and even big forces will be tempted by it.
Of course, these big forc