wers of immortality, deciphering the runes of immortality, and exploring the great avenues of heaven and earth in ancient times.

At this moment, another strange scene appeared outside the sky. They were black stone coffins floating quietly in the void, with ancient totems imprinted on them. The totems would occasionally light up and fade out, showing off their extraordinary qualities.
/The black sarcophagus is about a thousand feet high, and each jet-black sarcophagus stands like a forest. Yingzhou drives through the forest of sarcophagi, and the fairy road in Yingzhou becomes silent without any reaction.
Xu Ying, Ning Qing and Ji Jue obediently shut their mouths and said nothing.
The number of black sarcophagi was unimaginable. Yingzhou was extremely fast, but after driving in this void for a long time, he still did not use this airspace.
Xu Ying’s eyes lit up and he pointed to a black stone coffin floating in the sky: “Look, a black stone coffin is open! Is there something running out of it?”
Ning Qing’s trembling voice was a little sharp: “Don’t talk!”
/Xu Ying smiled and said, “Even if something escapes from inside, we still have Senior Brother Ji Jue.”
At this time, they saw a humanoid creature squatting and sitting on the black stone coffin, holding the edge of the coffin with both hands. The black energy around it was like black flames, pretentious and ferocious.
But the next moment, the humanoid creature disappeared from their sight.
After Yingzhou drove out of the black stone coffin forest, Xu Ying and others breathed a sigh of relief, and their respective methods returned to normal again.
Along the way, they encountered several strange events, and even a giant magic weapon flew near Yingzhou, causing geomagnetic tides!
That magic weapon should be a supreme treasure, but its power is too strong, and the oppression it brings to them is far greater than that of the Jade Plate of Returning to Dao. I don’t know which supreme being left it!
Such treasures are floating alone in this ancient and mysterious void.
“If the world knew that there was such an ownerless supreme treasure here, they would go crazy.” Young Master Ning Qing murmured.
Suddenly, another shore came into their sight, like a white butterfly in the void, emitting light like butterfly wings, extremely dazzling.
Between the two butterfly-wing-shaped lights is a small Taoist platform, where is the other side that has been opened up.
Xu Ying looked at it from a distance and suddenly became excited: “It’s the other side of martial arts! It’s the other side of martial arts!”
Ning Qing and Ji Jue were inexplicably excited. They flew up, revealed their ten thousand-foot souls, and waved their arms toward the other side of the martial arts.
“Hey, is anyone here?” They shouted with their spiritual consciousness, which passed through the world membrane of Yingzhou and spread to the other side of the martial arts.
Xu Ying also flew up, revealing his six-foot-long spirit, and waved his hands excitedly.
“Shen Luo! Wu Tianzun! Zhai Wuxian! Are