ended in all directions, like the root system of a big tree in the sky, connecting all realms.

And flying along the light, you can see a huge ferry in the distance, with fairy trees, fairy trees and other objects carved from giant trees, docked at the ferry.
At this time, those gods who had previously entered the mortal world with the four great god kings, preparing to capture the traitor Xu Ying and perform meritorious service, also returned to the world of heaven one after another. They were in chaos one after another, shouting: “Now that the four heavenly kings have passed away, the world of heaven has If there is no master, then we should establish a god king!”
A group of gods were noisy: “My god should be the Xuanli God King!”
“Why do you, Tianli, qualify to become the God King? Don’t I, Tianji, become the God King of Xuanji?”
“This time it’s my turn to be the God King, right?”
“Are you a god king? Is your name Xuan Tiao?”
They were still arguing, and suddenly Xu Ying and a young monk walked out of the ferry, and the gods suddenly became stunned.
Xu Ying walked steadily, flying among these huge and weird gods, looking at the world of heaven. I saw that the sky in the world of heaven is like a bright mirror, which can reflect all kinds of things in the heavens and the world.
Many ancient behemoths and ancient alien species live in this strange ancient continent. Resplendent temples stand between heaven and earth, extremely majestic. Many heavenly beings come in and out of those temples, probably serving the gods. people.
Some temples are even larger, with white jade stone steps laid down from the sky, wide and thick, passing through the clouds and reaching the ground. Thousands of Heavenly Daoists are crawling on those huge stone steps, wiping the dust on the stone steps.
Xu Ying acted as if there was no one around, floating among the majestic gods, looking down at the heaven and earth, as if he was inspecting his own territory.
/The gods looked at him blankly, wanting to take action but not daring to do so.
They couldn’t help but think of all the rumors about Promise, which were the terrible legends left by their ancestors. Legend has it that on the shattered road to heaven, Xu Ying was like a god of death, killing countless gods and immortals along the way, from the immortal world to the mortal world like chopping melons and vegetables!
Just now, Xu Ying killed the four great god kings, showing such majesty!
With a move of his hand, the four great god kings were wiped out in ashes!
Xu Ying continued to look around, and saw thick copper pillars standing between the sky and the earth. It was unclear whether the pillars were solid or hollow. There were many reliefs on them, depicting the fighting postures of gods and some runes of unknown meaning.
He looked up and saw that the sky corresponding to the most magnificent palace was the most magnificent. The scene of the fairy world appeared outside the sky, corresponding to a fairy mountain palace.
Despite the extreme distance, Xu Ying could still se