feet high!

Although Xu Ying is now transformed into a dragon, he is only three to five feet tall, far less than the height of the giant in Qianlong Palace.
/“Are dragon giants so huge? Is this Hidden Dragon Palace the place where dragon immortals live?”
Xu Ying walked into it, but saw that Qianlong Hall was deep and someone must have entered it. There were several corpses lying on the ground on the road.
He looked to both sides and saw that on both sides of the main hall were extremely ancient shrines, which were extremely tall and solemn. Sitting in the shrines were some giants with dragon heads and human bodies, filled with immortal energy and power, and were solemn and solemn.
Some giants with dragon heads and human bodies have flying eyebrows and beards. Their eyebrows are very long and very agile, as if they are still alive.
Behind them, there is something similar to a dojo, formed into a disk, with dragon-like textures in the disk, which is extremely complex and mysterious. However, there are no Tao trees in these disk-shaped things, so they should not be Taoist temples.
/The cultivation system of the dragon clan should be different from the cultivation systems of later generations.
“These dragon immortals are all deceased.”
Xu Ying walked forward and kept looking around. There were a lot of dead dragon immortals in the Qianlong Palace. When he came to the depths of the Qianlong Palace, he saw the corpses of more than two thousand dragon immortals, which made his scalp numb.
It wouldn’t matter if they were ordinary dragon immortals, but the remaining aura of these dragon immortal corpses sitting in the shrine could even make Xu Ying feel oppressed!
“These dragon immortals should have been in the realm of the Heavenly Lord during their lifetimes!”
Xu Ying calmed down, and as he went deeper, he gradually felt that the call from the distant ancestor was difficult to suppress. It seemed that the fierce aura of the Qianlong Palace and the dragon energy were too strong, making it difficult for him to resist the call of the distant ancestor.
He was about to return the same way when he suddenly saw a corpse lying on his back in the temple. He was shocked: “The Queen of the Three Saints of Beihai! Why did he die here?”
The three sages of Beihai, the first sage Zhou Ziyu, the second sage Sun Yujiang, and the second sage Guan Fei, are immortal kings and were named the sages of Beihai by the Immortal Court, so they are called the Three Sages.
These three Immortal Lords have extremely extraordinary methods. They once teamed up with the Six True Masters of Daohai and the Twelve True Masters of Tiansheng Mountain to besiege Xu Ying for three days and three nights, and helped Xu Ying improve his cultivation by a large margin. Therefore, Xu Ying had a deep impression on them.
He came forward cautiously and saw Hou Sheng Guanfei’s eyes widening with eyes wide open.
Xu Ying saw a clue and stretched out his hand to lift it. He was still more than ten feet away from Hou Sheng Guan Fei, and Guan Fei’s body floated up