towed these Dao fruits, but not to King Dong.

Dong Wang pursed his lips, looked at Lan Suying, said nothing, and thought to himself: “My father is the same as his incarnation, his elbows are turned outwards.”
Emperor Changsheng came and gave him a Dao Fruit and said, “Your Highness, I have one more here.”
King Dong took the Dao Fruit, but he didn’t know what it felt like in his heart.
The Immortal Emperor glanced at him and shouted: “Why don’t you thank uncle?”
King Dong thanked him and said, “Thank you so much, uncle Changsheng!”
As for the other Tianjuns among the San people, they failed in the struggle and were reduced to San people. The Supreme Immortal Emperor did not grant them the Tao Fruit.
“You are not my subjects, so you have to do this according to your ability.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor smiled and said, “If you can pick the Tao Fruit, then please do it.”
The heavenly kings looked at each other and retreated one after another.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor smiled at the Changsheng Emperor and said: “Fellow Taoist, this ginseng fruit tree is an ownerless thing, and a virtuous person can live here. Friend Taoist is here first, please collect this tree.”
The Changsheng Emperor is a young man with white hair, but he has lived for an unknown number of years. How can he know the elegant meaning without hearing the string?
“Brother Taoist, I have little talent and limited morals. The only one who can harvest this tree is Your Majesty.” Emperor Changsheng bowed.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor smiled and said: “If that’s the case, then I’ll do it reluctantly.”
The Changsheng Emperor, the Emperor and others retreated and stared at the Supreme Immortal Emperor, especially the Changsheng Emperor. Although they remained calm, they still felt a little embarrassed.
He had previously tried to collect the ginseng fruit tree in front of everyone, but failed. He had to pick three Tao fruits, and planned to retrieve the Shanshui Zhangtian Ruler before seizing the tree.
The Immortal Emperor “ran into” him on the way and held his hand, forcing him to come with him. The Supreme Immortal Emperor was tall and tall, and holding his hand was like holding a child. It was obvious that he had bad intentions.
He originally accepted three ginseng fruits and planned to give one to Yuanjun. However, before he had time to give it away, the Immortal Emperor Supreme had already given one to Yuanjun.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor deliberately refused to give Dong Wang the Ginseng Tao Fruit, which was to beat him and force him to give one of his Tao Fruits to Dong Wang.
In this way, he not only lost a Dao Fruit, but also failed to win over anyone.
/Now, the Supreme Immortal Emperor wants to harvest the ginseng fruit tree again in front of everyone. His intentions can be imagined. It is nothing more than announcing in public that the Supreme Immortal Emperor is still above his Immortal Emperor, and the Supreme Immortal Emperor is still the master of everyone. !
It’s just that the Immortal Emperor’s work was impeccable, so he