r it is to the Shangqing Avenue;

Huang Ting Jing looks for common laws from Xuan Huang Tai Chi and thousands of avenues, and finds the two Qi of Xuan and Huang. The two Qi of Xuan and Huang are close to the Shangqing Dao.
/Xu Ying quietly comprehended the light of the Supreme Pure Dao. After a long time, he no longer comprehended the Supreme Pure Dao. Instead, he activated the Taiyi Immortal Sutra. The Taiyi Cave Abyss appeared above his head, and he was actually practicing and comprehending the Taiyi.
In his body, Tai Chi Wuji uses Tai Yi as a bridge to flow and change.
The Taichi Supreme Purity of the Huangting Sutra and the Wuji Supreme Purity of the Dadong Sutra were originally unrelated to each other. They had nothing in common and could not change each other.
And he actually used the Qi of Tai Chi to form a bridge between the changes of Tai Chi and Wuji, and achieved the unification of Tai Chi and Wuji!
Taoist Yuan and Yun Hai saw this scene from a distance and were surprised, so they came to see Taoist Yuqing. Taoist Yuqing said: “Fellow Taoist Taiqing and I are trying to unify Tai Chi and Wuji. Taoist Xu’s method is also the same.”
Taoist Yuan shook his head and said: “He is not using the Great Pure Path. He is using heretics to unify Wuji Supreme Purity and Tai Chi Supreme Purity. This is cheating!”
Yun Hai nodded repeatedly and said: “It is definitely not as authentic as unifying the two Shangqing avenues with the outside world!”
Taoist Yuqing smiled and said: “He is not a member of the Shangqing sect, so why should he be harsh?”
Both of them felt a little unhappy.
After more than a month passed like this, Xu Ying woke up from this enlightenment, got up and walked outside.
Young Yun Hai is practicing on the nearest fairy mountain, breathing in and out with astonishing force. Xu Ying broke the seal on his memory, and he recalled various cultivation techniques from his previous life. These days, his cultivation strength has improved by leaps and bounds!
I saw the Taoist tree standing behind him. The Taoist light from the Great Cave Abyss of the Great Shangqing illuminated the Taoist tree, and the Taoist tree breathed in and out, which was extremely extraordinary.
His dojo is even more astonishingly thick. The movement of Tianjun dojo is like a world born of Tao!
His soul is even more powerful, like a monarch in charge of the avenues of heaven and earth!
He practiced the Huangting Sutra, and when he breathed in and out, the black and yellow Qi were generated by themselves, continuously. When activating the Shangqing Great Cave Sutra, he can control many avenues with Wuji, and he can transform all kinds of avenues into Wuji!
After he awakened his past life memories, he no longer looked as youthful as before, and he was finally able to control his powerful soul.
Xu Ying came from afar and when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but praise him.
The young man Yun Hai woke up after hearing this and smiled at Xu Ying: “Fellow Daoist Xu helped me unlock the memory seal of my previous life, but I di