Supreme Realm.

The Supreme Immortal Emperor suddenly said: “Uncle Creation Master, Uncle Fish Machine Master, if we encounter similar creatures again, we will take turns to fight against them.”
/The Supreme Creation said displeasedly: “My dear nephew, we are in the same boat, and our efforts are no less than yours. We don’t have to divide them so carefully, right?”
The Immortal Emperor said nothing and opened his clothes.
The Supreme Creation and Taoist Yuji looked and saw a few pieces of mucus under his clothes. The Taoist injuries contained in the mucus were clearly imprinted on his body!
The two people’s scalps were numb. The slime monster’s hand did not hurt the Immortal Emperor, but only contaminated him.
The so-called pollution is to let the Taoist wounds thrown here grow on his body!
Such weird pollution is hard to guard against!
The Supreme Creation nodded and said, “Okay! Let’s take turns.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor urged Dao Jing Gong to try to refine these Dao injuries, but these Dao injuries were stubborn diseases that even the strong men in ancient times could not refine, so they could only be cut off and thrown here.
Those strong men couldn’t refine it for thousands of years, let alone him?
The Tao wounds had grown into his flesh and blood and began to invade his Tao methods.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor gritted his teeth, raised his hand suddenly, cut off the contaminated parts of his body, and threw them into the turbulent flow of time and space.
Supreme Creation and Taoist Yuji watched this scene and couldn’t help but feel horrified.
“No more rest!”
Taoist Yuji cheered up and shouted, “If we are inert, we will be invaded by all kinds of negative consciousness here! We must rush out of here at one go!”
They continued to rush forward, broke through the turbulence of time and space, and finally saw the immortal light surging on the opposite side.
The three of them were overjoyed and rushed to the other side with all their strength.
The turbulence of time and space became even more crazy, the broken time and space impacted, and suddenly a huge whirlpool appeared. This time, the Supreme Creation came to act as the monster in the whirlpool. The three of them worked together and finally broke out of the whirlpool and rushed into the long river of spiritual light!
Accompanied by the sound of surging water, they finally rushed out of the cosmic cesspit and reached the other side.
Supreme Creation laughed, his voice full of joy. Taoist Yuji and Supreme Immortal Emperor could not hide their smiles. Taoist Yuji laughed and said: “I’m afraid this is the first time in history that we have escaped from the cesspit of the universe.”
Suddenly, the laughter of the Supreme Creation stopped and he looked straight ahead.
/Taoist Yuji and the Supreme Immortal Emperor were surprised. They followed his line of sight and the smiles on their faces froze.
“Eight more”
The corners of the Supreme Creation’s eyes trembled violently, and he gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone, please don’t give u