cted, the dragon tribe and the aliens did not have ancestor worship, so there was no theory of the underworld, let alone the Taoism and magical powers of the underworld.

The dragon clan elders and strangers searched to no avail, so they immediately tore apart the void and searched for the whereabouts of the Longting Imperial Capital from the layers of void. However, the underworld is a world that overlaps with the yang world. It is not hidden in the void. No matter how they searched, they could not find it.
However, there are still bright lights shining from the sun to the underworld from time to time. After all, these dragons and aliens are so powerful that they can occasionally see into the underworld.
/“There is a world overlapping with the Celestial World!”
Suddenly a strange person shouted, “Master and Emperor Longting have been pulled into that world! I can’t go in!”
Other dragons and aliens rushed to his side, each using their magical powers and eyesight to explore the world. After all, they are powerful and intelligent, and the way of heaven in the underworld is actually not troublesome. It won’t take long for them to find a way to enter the underworld.
At this time, in the underworld, Yin Yuanzi’s figure floated up, leaving the Longting Imperial Capital, floating in mid-air, his eyes swept around, and said with a smile: “Are you the ancestral god? Just a hairy god in charge of the way of heaven in the primitive world. You The greatest achievement is to control the way of heaven in the primitive world. It is really pitiful that you cannot grow.”
The Ancestral God took a step forward, with high fighting spirit, and said with a smile: “I am much stronger than I was before! I have absorbed the heavenly ways on the other side, so it is not impossible for me to grow!”
Yin Yuanzi smiled and said: “The Way of Heaven on the other side? Have you ever seen the real Way of Heaven on the other side? Could it be that Cuiyan destroyed your world and formed the meager Heaven’s Way, and you regarded it as the Way of Heaven on the other side? It’s really pitiful, you can learn from it The way of heaven is also the incomplete and false way of heaven on the other side.”
The ancestor god’s expression darkened.
The distant ancestor Dalong snorted: “I have been invincible in the world since ancient times.”
“It is this invincibility that makes you unable to see the road ahead. You don’t know that there is someone outside the world, and that’s why you are so miserable.”
Yin Yuanzi’s eyes fell on Emperor Mingxun, and he shook his head and said, “You are the same, you have become mutilated and immortal through training, and you cannot reach the level of the Great Dao.”
Emperor Xun of the Ming Dynasty cultivated his strength and was ready for the strongest blow at any time.
Yin Yuanzi glanced at Lu Yiren, his face covered with frost, and then he looked at the Holy Lord and said: “The little barbarian’s magical power is not bad. His cultivation is a bit off.”
Yin Yuanzi sneered and said: “Sitting in a well and looking at