path arrived, with a shocking momentum. There was a majestic corpse energy, distorting time and space, forming the phenomenon of thousands of corpses flying into immortals.

“Pingnan Tianjun! A corpse attained enlightenment, but he also made great achievements on the new path!”
Someone in the crowd exclaimed in shock, “Is he going to use his corpse to prove the Tao and become the Supreme?”
Pingnan Tianjun has just arrived, and Ning Zhong and Ning Qing, father and son, have also arrived. Both father and son are extremely strong in cultivation. Ning Zhong has cultivated to the realm of Taoism, and Ning Qing is still inferior, but not much inferior.
The cultivation strength of the father and son is enough to be on par with the Nine Emperors of the Nine Heavens!
“Master Dog is here!” someone else exclaimed.
/Someone else exclaimed: “Look! Dog! The dog has become a spirit!”
“That dog has achieved Taoism!”
Long Dai, Immortal Emperor and others all looked around and saw a thin-waisted black dog-man standing up, walking like a human, neatly dressed in Taoist robes, Taoist and fairy-like, walking towards this side like a human and a dog.
There is also a cave behind him, and there is a Taoist scene floating in the cave.
That dog turned out to be a great master in the Daojing realm, which made countless people crazy!
No one has cultivated to the realm of Taoism, but dogs have!
/Could it be that this black dog can still break through and become the supreme master?
Dog Supreme, just thinking about it makes many supreme beings feel so sad that they want to vomit blood!
Those who have not cultivated to the Supreme level will be even more horrified.
Since then, people have been cultivating crazily. “Don’t be a dog and become the Supreme. You haven’t become the Supreme yet.” This once became the best words to inspire them to forge ahead.
“It was that dog that rescued Xu Ying!” Dan Xuanzi’s eyes fell on Taoist Xiaotian and said fiercely.
At this time, another big snake came, with a huge body. Its body was hidden under the sea. When it swam, the waves surged. Above the big snake, there is also the great emperor of the demon clan. This big snake and the demon emperor have also cultivated to the extremely high realm of the new way!
In addition, Nan Ziyan from Ziwei’s ancestral court came with a floating aura, competing with the powerful men of the younger generation, attracting attention, and highlighting the extraordinary inheritance of Ziwei.
Yun Hai and Yuan Dao from the Shangqing Ancestral Court also came from afar, and they are also top masters among the younger generation.
Xing Daoyuan from Taiyuan Taoist School also came, Yankongcheng and Chen Chaosheng from Luo Shengren’s school, Ji Man, Liu Ruyi and others from Jiugong Taojun School also came one after another.
At some point they also embarked on the new path.
At this moment, there was another supreme-level aura that shook time and space. Everyone couldn’t help but be moved. They followed the aura and saw an extremely shocking scene.
I saw a mechanical Taiyi