o stood in the Xumi corridor, and gradually, with the faint essence of destiny, and the intelligence of heaven, he moved towards Chu Weiyang’s body gathered around him and was swallowed up by the treasure weapon again.

And it was with the addition of these wisps of heavenly intelligence that Chu Weiyang’s spirit was shaken in an instant.
It was a completely different feeling in a subtle way.
That’s not the divine intelligence of the nine realms of Baoxian!
Chu Weiyang had never had a true understanding, but at this moment, with the transmission of the heavenly secret sense, the Taoist suddenly realized that this was the heavenly secret in the Yuping realm of the Shangqing Dynasty!
In the past, in the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian, when he rose to fame as Xuanhe, he received the wisdom of this realm and taught Chu Weiyang to stop in the mysterious realm where inspiration was added.
Chu Weiyang had expected it at that time.
Although this state of permanent inspiration is closely related to heaven and earth, in the final analysis, it is the accumulation of the monk’s personal heritage.
/In one world, if it accumulates over a long period of time to a sufficiently powerful and frightening level, it may be possible to achieve this kind of blessing that is always difficult to achieve with inspiration.
And if, like Chu Weiyang, he has been drifting with the current in a state of “displacement” since the beginning of his Taoism, then when Chu Weiyang successively moved from the Sanyuan Jiuzhen Realm and the Baoxian Nine Chambers Realm to the Capital Accumulate wisdom and wisdom to open the door of inspiration.
/As long as Chu Weiyang has another realm of condensation of heavenly intelligence, he can make the blessing of inspiration always stay in his body, and he will no longer be bound by the universe of heaven and earth.
That is the process in which this part of one’s body has accumulated to a sufficient level, flourished and evolved into something mysterious, and then transformed and sublimated.
All the mysteries of Tao and Dharma can only be attributed to oneself.
Moreover, for the Tao of fortune, this also implicitly fits the principle of the three yuan and nine fortunes. In this way, the three elements originate from the interweaving and resonance between the essences of completely different fortunes. If “the Tao gives birth to one, it gives rise to two, and the two “Three generates three, and three generates all things.” The evolution of three yuan generates nine movements, and nine movements generate all phenomena, and the wonderful state of endless rotation.
And fundamentally speaking, being able to lead the return of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian is already a great thing. Even if what happened today had not happened, it must have happened the moment Chu Weiyang truly set foot in the Shangqing Yuping Realm. The surging heavenly intelligence surged in.
But when Chu Weiyang saved the lives of all cultivators with a page of scripture! You must know that every time such a foundation is accumulated, i