the long sword. A lilac light appeared in front of his eyes, making his eyes a little intoxicated.

Although David has a fifth-level ax blade, as long as he takes it out, he will definitely be targeted by strong people.
For the sake of this fifth-level ax blade, many strong men will not care about anything. The ‘National Soldier’ ??medal and the colonel will not be an obstacle.
The fourth-level long sword is different. Although this thing is very precious, it is not impossible to see, and it is not enough for the strong to put aside everything to get it.
The fourth-level long sword is a light weapon and does not use many fourth-level materials. It is suitable for David to use. Unfortunately, David’s ‘Long Sword Mastery’ is only 67% perfect, which is far from a master.
Also, the appearance of this fourth-grade long sword needs to be changed, otherwise it will be recognized by others as soon as it is taken out.
David put away the fourth-level sword with satisfaction. All he had to do was find a trustworthy ‘weapon master’ to help him.
David plans to return to the Lenka star in the Iridia star field when he has time, and ask Master McIntosh to take action. This is also the only ‘weapon master’ that David knows and can trust.
David dug out the extraordinary ‘extraordinary armor’ again. This ‘extraordinary armor’ also used a small amount of fourth-grade materials in important parts, making the defense of this ‘extraordinary armor’ exceed what he had ever seen. All extraordinary.
The rest were a large number of third-grade potions and some items that David could not identify. It can be said that the extraordinary wealth exceeded David’s expectation.
This also made David interested in this extraordinary person who didn’t even have time to take action. He put a hand on the Shadow Warrior’s shoulder and gave the Shadow Warrior an order in his heart.
“Single out that extraordinary ball of knowledge!”
Since there were too many knowledge orbs recently obtained, David did not have time to sort them out, so all the knowledge orbs were floating in Shadow Warrior’s body.
Originally, he had no interest in paying attention to a transcendent person that he easily killed instantly. Only now did he realize that he seemed to have misunderstood something.
When David saw the properties of the knowledge light ball, he realized what kind of extraordinary person he had killed casually.
/‘Long Sword Mastery (99% Perfect)’, that extraordinary person turned out to be a ‘Long Sword Master’, a ‘Long Sword Master’ who had reached the pinnacle level.
What David didn’t know was that the extraordinary ‘Long Sword Master’ was invested by Admiral Ross. Because this extraordinary ‘Long Sword Master’ had been living on the Origin Star for many years, he lacked some training, and it happened to be Beaumont. He will be sent to Lieutenant General Beaumont before he goes to a dangerous war zone.
/It’s just that General Ross didn’t expect that Lieutenant General Beaumont didn’t have a permanent battle star at all, and the ‘Long Sword Master’ had n