The dragon was holding the dragon ball in his arms and lying on the sea with his belly up. He was very surprised when he heard this voice. He hurriedly opened his mouth and swallowed the dragon ball, turned over and sat up, looking solemn in appearance.
“Aying, when did you arrive?”
Da Long said solemnly, “Have you encountered trouble in the Celestial Realm and come to ask for help? Forgive me, there is nothing I can do. The Ancestral God and I have taken away the green rock in the Celestial Realm. We are currently enjoying ourselves in the Earthly Immortal Realm and cannot come to the Celestial Realm.” ”
Xu Ying cut off his words and said with a smile: “I heard that you and the ancestor god were captured, so I came to visit.”
Dalong laughed loudly: “Being captured? What a joke! I am the distant ancestor of the Dragon Clan, the most powerful existence in the ancient times! I have proven immortality, immortality, soaring to the abyss and sea, and will be at ease forever! Who in this world can capture me? Capture me? Who is worthy of capturing me! Don’t listen to wind or rain, I am very well, I don’t know how happy I am!”
Xu Ying breathed a sigh of relief and smiled: “Since you are safe and sound, I am relieved. I’m leaving!”
“Wait a minute.”
Dalong called him without hesitation, hesitated again, and said calmly, “It is not impossible to be caught by someone. People sometimes lose their hands, and dragons sometimes lose their claws. I accidentally slipped and lost my footing.”
Xu Ying looked at him with a half-smile.
Dalong was quite embarrassed and said: “The ancestor god also made a mistake like me.”
/Xu Ying sneered: “Who else?”
“Holy Lord.” Dalong said honestly.
Xu Ying suddenly became interested and said with a smile: “Leave your body to my control, and I will go and see them.”
Da Long shook his head hurriedly and said: “Taidi Long.”
Xu Ying said with a smile: “It’s just embarrassing, so I have to look at it. How have our ancestors, ancestor gods, and saints ever been in such a mess? You must see it! Leave your body to my control. I can see the surrounding geography clearly, and then I can find ways to rescue you.” ”
He was in high spirits. He had already seen the embarrassment of the Ancestral God and the Holy Lord once, and it would definitely be more enjoyable this time.
Dalong hesitated for a moment, then temporarily let him control his body.
/Xu Ying opened his eyes and saw that “he” was in a dragon palace, surrounded by many dragon girls, serving him comfortably, eating and drinking, which was completely different from the prisoner’s life he imagined.
He saw the ancestor god, who was also being served very comfortably. He was lying on the cloud bed, with the dragon immortal waiting on him. It’s just that I didn’t see the Holy Lord.
“The distant ancestor is awake!” A dragon girl said happily.
Xu Ying stood up, only to feel that “his” physical power was locked, and his soul was also imprisoned in his body, unable to use his magic power.
He walked out, but the dragon girls did not st