st Master Xuanhuang closed the passage, isolating the Sea of ??Chaos, and said: “The disaster has not yet come, we don’t have to repay the cause and effect, the Sea of ??Chaos can’t catch up with us!”

He took a step back and looked at the passage that he had just sealed. After a moment, there was no movement in the passage, and then he was completely relieved.
Xu Ying was surprised when he saw this strange scene: “Xuanhuang Dao Master said that the disaster has not yet come, but he is very nervous, as if he is worried that the disaster will come. Could it be that he is not sure whether the disaster will come? Could it be that he can’t either Are you sure you can protect yourself from the disaster?”
Taoist Master Xuanhuang turned around and glanced at the five of them again. Then his eyes fell on Xu Ying, and he stared in confusion for a while. He always felt that there must be something wrong with this kid appearing in the team of Tianjing Resurrection.
He put aside this thought for the time being, turned his eyes away, and looked at the ruins of the Tianjing Universe.
His eyes were deep and moved slowly over the mountains and rivers.
This is the homeland that raised him, but now it has become a scorched earth, a barren land. The resentment and hatred between heaven and earth cannot be washed away no matter what.
“The tide of the avenue has turned the once prosperous heaven into a wasteland, and the master of the avenue cannot stop it. Is there still a road ahead to avoid the tide of the avenue and avoid disaster?”
He was murmuring to himself, “Does the road have an end? At the end, can the tide of the road still come close? Is the fate like me, always unable to find the end?”
Suddenly, Dao Master Xuanhuang floated up and walked towards the direction where his other self was fighting against the four Dao Lords.
/His figure brought endless resentment to Tianxu. Those innocent souls who died tragically in the hands of the other side have long been annihilated and no longer exist, but their resentment is still there and has become the cause and effect of this world.
He was resurrected for revenge.
Xu Ying, Zhuo Daochun and other five people each took a few steps forward, but they all stopped.
Dao Master Xuanhuang is here to merge with his other self. After the fusion, the four Dao Lords join forces, and I am afraid they will not be his opponents.
“However, it is impossible for Dao Master Xuanhuang to win. He will definitely lose, because there is also a Dao Master on the other side.”
Zhuo Daochun said, “The Master of the Other Shore will never allow Master Xuanhuang to be resurrected.”
/Xu Ying nodded and said: “When the four Dao Lords fell, that’s when the Dao of the other side took the initiative. Now the Dao of Tianjing is still in its infancy, and the strength of the Xuanhuang Dao Master has definitely not returned to its peak. It is impossible for the Dao of the other side to take action. The opponent of the Avenue Lord.”
Wei Yidao: “But, what should we do?”
Xu Ying glanced at the faces of the four