, an anchor point that truly smoothly and unimpededly leads to the light and spiritual sound of the sky and the power of nature.

The next moment, from the beginning of the Taiyi Jade Emperor, the light rain that truly enveloped the entire inner scene for nine days poured down in an instant!
In the vast ocean formed by the gathering of real auras, not to mention the already elusive three dharma images, it is the nine spiritual forms living in the Sanyuan Dao Palace. In this process, they are also entering the infinite. In the midst of the perfect harmony, Ke Jin is still washed by a huge amount of aura, and he once again tries his best to sort out the slightest possible disharmony.
In the increasingly harmonious and leak-free world, the torrential rain of light transformed into spiritual charm washed away like this, carrying the rich Taoist breath of the three Dharma signs and the nine spirit shapes, surging like a torrent in the ocean. At the same time when it was poured into the five internal organs palace, the Xuanzhen treasure mirror hanging in the five internal organs chakras was also washed away.
Therefore, at first glance, at this moment, it looks more like the All-Seeing Dharmakaya that has been watered by the aura. At this moment, relying on the close connection established in the charm of Taoism, it begins to interact with the Xuanzhen Baojian itself. Pulling and pulling, “seizing” the true control over the Netherworld Talisman Array above the treasure mirror.
In fact, the Tongyou Talisman Array is not a Taoist restriction of the Xuanzhen Baojian itself. The Talisman Array is just a fusion that was imprinted on it after Chu Weiyang smelted it into the Xuanzhen Baojian. Just a talisman array.
/What they all have in common is just the aura of darkness.
/And in this process, in fact, when more Taoism and charm pour into it, and when the Yin spirits carry these and transform into physical forms, in fact, in this Netherworld Talisman Array, that and Xuan The Yinming charm that Zhenbaojian itself has been gradually disappearing.
It is true that it is difficult for a ghost spirit to become a saint.
But such is the cultivation of the charm of Taoism, such the watering of nature, and such the enlightenment of the aura of heaven and earth.
That is no longer the category for Yin spirits to become saints.
That’s heavenly beings reborn!
The anchor point of heaven and man, the support of transformation, is the same coherent charm of Taoism and the law body of all phenomena.
Therefore, in this process, as the watering of the spiritual light rain itself becomes more abundant and more turbulent, in this “tug of war”, the advantage of the Wanxiang Dharma Body becomes more and more obvious, and the same As time went on, the connection between the Nether Talisman Formation and the Xuanzhen Treasure Mirror became weaker and weaker.
When did the real change begin?
Perhaps in the past, when Chu Weiyang taught Zhong Chaoyuan to cross the curtain of death and life again and return to the sun, this opportunity of “trans