him, more and more Dao reincarnations were changed and turned into new Dao pattern reincarnations, controlled by him, and more Dao insights followed.

Xu Ying’s understanding of the avenue of reincarnation is getting higher and deeper.
This trend has extended to the sedum, infecting the reincarnation circles in the sedum.
The leader of the Heying Sect suddenly woke up from reincarnation and looked around, only to see fairy mountains floating in the air, forming a huge ring.
Thousands of mortals and disciples of the Taiyi Sect stood on these fairy mountains, looking around in confusion.
They are still in the circle of reincarnation, but now the circle of reincarnation is no longer so sinister.
Even Taiyi Dongyuan and Liuyi Huanyue were restored, but the structure of the avenue changed fundamentally and became incomprehensible to her.
“Our life and death are all under the control of the powerful people on the other side. We cannot continue like this.” She thought to herself.
At the same time, Xu Ying came to the edge of the universe and saw Dao Shengzi standing under the eucalyptus tree.
The Jingjie universe seemed to be divided into two, turning into two extremely bright halos, hanging behind the two people, silent and mysterious.
Dao Shengzi looked surprised and asked tentatively: “Xu Ying, what you are using are the spirit patterns of the spiritual universe? Have you already understood the spirit patterns?”
He noticed that Xu Ying’s new Dao pattern was invading his avenue of reincarnation, and immediately caused the various avenues to continuously change in reincarnation. The invasion of the new Dao pattern was actually blocked by him!
“Wrong, this is the new pattern.”
Xu Ying said leisurely, “The new Dao pattern is made by absorbing the strengths of various Dao patterns such as Spirit pattern, Li Wen, Yuan pattern, etc. and researching it. If you don’t become a Taoist master, you will be invaded by them.”
Dao Shengzi shook his head and said: “Xu Ying, you are too confident. The level of Dao Xing does not depend on how powerful the Dao Mark is. Dao Xing is Dao Xing. My Dao Xing surpasses yours. If your new Dao Mark invades, I will soon be able to Learn your new ways and become mine.”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw that the new patterns that had just invaded his reincarnation avenue suddenly multiplied again.
/However, this time, these new Dao patterns are no longer controlled by Xu Ying, but by Dao Shengzi.
Xu Ying’s expression suddenly changed. He took the opponent’s reincarnation path, and the opponent was able to take his new path pattern too!
“We can’t give him a chance to completely transform!”
Without thinking, Xu Ying immediately mobilized the flood source and activated his magical powers in the sky. In an instant, countless phantoms of Xu Ying shook, and thousands of magical powers merged into one and blasted towards Dao Shengzi!
Dao Shengzi laughed and said: “Xu Ying, you are still not very good at using reincarnation. You actually use the magical power of Taiyi Avenue instead of