ring in the valley. There were always different combinations of the avenue fragments, turning into various demons and demons, which were ferocious, terrifying, and murderous. Adult!

Those demon gods and demon kings are also very weird. They often tear apart time and space with a wave of their sharp claws and lurk away without a trace.
In the cracks in time and space torn apart by them, a scene from another universe appeared. Many monks were fighting fiercely with the demon gods and kings. It was very tragic.
“The Taoist being suppressed here is no small matter!”
Seeing this, Xu Ying couldn’t help but be moved, and said to Li Xiao, “This person’s avenue is broken, and the fragments of the avenue can be combined into different demons and monsters. They can enter other universes through his fragments of caves and abyss, plunder creatures for him, and sacrifice them to him! Even if I If we don’t resurrect him, I’m afraid he will be able to resurrect himself in tens of thousands of years!”
/Li Xiao asked: “Can you tell what path this person practiced during his life?”
Xu Ying observed for a moment and said: “It’s the devil’s way. This Taoist master is powerful. To resurrect him, there is no need to sacrifice the entire life and death of the Taoist Lord.”
Li Xiao pondered and said: “If it is the master of the Demonic Way, then this person should be King Ling Yanming. I heard from Master that this person is the master of the Demonic Way.”
Xu Ying checked it out, and with a thought in his mind, the broken avenue within the Lord of Life and Death roared out and surged towards the valley.
King Ling Yanming can already combine the fragments of his own avenue to turn into a demon god and demon king, travel through the void, and sneak into other universes to hunt monks and sacrifice themselves for blood, so Xu Ying does not need to arrange a blood sacrifice formation to resurrect him.
He can do it himself.
What Xu Ying had to do was to provide him with enough avenue fragments.
Although the Tao Master has no structure, his avenue has been broken into pieces and cannot be restored directly, so he must use the fragments of the immortal’s avenue to awaken his avenue and reconnect the broken avenues.
When the avenue revives, the Taoist master naturally has the possibility of resurrection. In addition, the Taoist body of the immortal turns into blood to nourish the fatal wounds of the Taoist master, and uses the immortal as nourishment to repair these wounds.
After the blood sacrifice is completed, you can be resurrected.
Xu Ying sacrificed a small part of the Lord of Life and Death, and immediately said: “Miss Li, let’s go.”
The two of them flew away quickly. Not long after, the demonic energy in Panming Valley suddenly expanded outwards, getting thicker and thicker, covering an ever wider area. The demonic energy between heaven and earth resonated with it, turning into black light, and poured in one after another. In the valley!
/In the Panming Valley, a sinewed demon god stepped on the fire of karma, his eyes were