n, a white light bloomed with a bang, and the Nine Palaces and Bagua were in chaos. The formation that was always unfavorable in the past could only let itself be slaughtered in the face of the Immortal Sword Intent.

The moment Lu Xiong raised his eyes, Lu Bei pointed his swords together and swung down a colorful sword intent.
Five Elements Sword Intent, how could he know the secret technique of this sect?
Uh-huh! ! !
Five elements of sword light passed by, dividing Lu Xiong into pieces.
Lu Bei’s fingertips passed through the blood mist, dissipating the five elements of sword light. His sword fist bombarded the pillar of burning white light, and wiped out Lu Xiong’s body and soul with just one blow.
[You killed Lu Xiong and gained 400 million experience points. After determining that the opponent’s level difference is greater than level 20, you will be rewarded with 400 million experience points]
“Five Elements Sword Intent”
Lu Bei swept his horizontal sleeve and said to himself: “The sword intention is acceptable, but even if I want to get a closer look at it, it will be quite difficult. If I don’t try the sword myself, I’m afraid it will take two more swords to learn it. Essence.”
In the sleeves of the robe, the lotus petals are silent.
The Ji family is right, no matter whether it succeeds or not, send a princess there first.
It’s just that the realm is a bit low, and it’s safer to switch to the Tribulation Stage.
/Feixing remembered that the Ji family had a female cultivator named Ji Chen who was in the period of transcending tribulation. She was extremely charming and a rare beauty. If she were to approach Lu Bei, she would definitely be
Oh, Ji Chen has died under the Immortal Sword Intent.
After killing Lu Xiong with one sword, Lu Bei raised his hand to catch the falling Nine Palaces and Bagua Array. The sword intent dispersed the soul mark in it and swallowed it in one gulp.
I won’t use it, and I don’t like it, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping it.
Ask Zhu Xiushi later if she has magic weapons such as golden dragon scissors and yin-yang mirror in her hand. If so, everyone will barter and no one will take advantage of anyone in a fair transaction.
Lu Bei killed Lu Xiong with three strikes, five strikes, and two strikes, with astonishing speed. Lu Xiong didn’t even say a word, and he was gone.
/Gu Yunyan was so frightened that she ran away on the spot, escaped into the void, and reached the entrance to the secret realm.
Standing alive on Qi Yan’s land, he knew for the first time that he loved this land deeply. He secretly vowed to stay away from now on and turn around when he encountered Lu Bei.
If it really doesn’t work, just turn around and leave, never picking it up.
Wen Xiuyi also wanted to leave, but seeing that Lu Xiong didn’t even have the ability to squeeze the bottom of the box, he died tragically in Lu Bei’s hands. Knowing that it would be the same for him, he pushed away the two rays of light with both hands and hurriedly escaped into the void.
Zhu Xiushi smiled