en hit by an invisible blow, becoming chaotic and losing their power!

In Qionghua Island, Master Hua laughed loudly, and suddenly his huge body exploded in the Immortal Palace, revealing the unparalleled body of an ancient god!
“I also want to learn about the great path of the Chaos Lord!”
/His voice was earth-shattering, and in an instant, the immeasurable void behind him split open, revealing the vision of the vast universe under the jurisdiction of the other side!
Countless avenues of rays of light fly from these universes to bless his body. They are the avenues of heaven and earth from various universes, which combine with countless avenues to form the One!
At this moment, Xu Ying felt a terrifying magical power that was no less than that of Luo Taizong!
After cultivating to the level of Hua Dao Master, he no longer bothers to harvest the universe.
What he wants to do is to unify the great avenues of heaven and earth in the universe for his own use!
This is the harvesting method used by a master like him!
His power is far beyond the reach of ordinary Dao Lords!
With all the Tao power he can mobilize, even Luo Taizong and Tao Zun would feel ashamed when they saw him!
The sound of the bell came, melodious and loud.
Master Hua, whose aura was boundless and rich, suddenly froze on the spot, motionless.
Xu Ying was extremely nervous and stared at Dao Master Hua intently, feeling uneasy in his heart: “It’s impossible to block it, it’s impossible to block it, but after all, these are hundreds of innate spiritual treasures.”
It was under his “encouragement” that Master Hua decided to adhere to the Oath of Chaos. If Xu Ying had not taught Master Hua the method of proving the Tao and Taiyi, Master Hua would not have violated the Oath of Chaos.
And Xu Ying’s purpose is to use the Chaos Oath to eradicate this powerful enemy, Master Hua!
For the Three Realms, Hua Dao Master is definitely an invincible and powerful enemy. He has the great avenue of heaven and earth as the foundation of the universe, and his Tao power is boundless!
There are hundreds of innate spiritual treasures, and any one of them is more powerful than the current Three Realms Ginseng Fruit Tree.
After all, the ginseng fruit tree has not yet formed a complete body and is still growing. It cannot compete with these innate spiritual treasures in the mature cosmic flood source.
If Hua Dao Master does not die this time, then Xu Ying will be self-defeating, and it can even be said that he will put all living beings in the three realms and Taiyi and other Dao Masters in a more dangerous situation!
Because Hua Dao Master is immortal and has mastered Taiyi Avenue, his strength will increase astonishingly by ten times or even ten times!
If he is not dead, the number of innate spiritual treasures he can control will be even greater. Taiyi, Tianchengzi and other Taoist masters will not have any chance at all!
Hua Dao Master stands on Qionghua Island, surrounded by out-of-control innate spiritual treasures, which are falling in different di