eye as he fell to the ground in embarrassment, Yunhan flew to the corner of the courtyard wrapped in a spiritual light.

Yunhan shook his head and stretched out his hand to rub the wound, which slightly relieved the pain that actually didn’t go away.
The fierceness on her face no longer existed, as if she had been suppressed by Chu Weiyang and was a little numb.
But Yun Han’s eyes were still clear, and the divine light in those eyes still fell steadily on Chu Weiyang’s figure.
“Come again!”
In the courtyard, there was no human figure at this time. When looking from the spot, only the five-color escaping light and the mysterious thunder dragon were intertwined. Suddenly, in the next flash, these two galloping spiritual lights may exist in the courtyard. any corner in it.
With every sudden leap, the two bright lights seemed to be intertwined like this, but it also seemed that in that gap that was far shorter than a flash and an instant, the interlacing of thunder and thunder had taught them to interact. Handed.
Yun Han seemed to have adapted to Chu Weiyang’s offensive methods.
But Chu Weiyang was able to achieve such an attack because he moved his hands and feet almost normally after practicing the body-building method, while Yun Han walked almost every step between the subtleties of Tao and Dharma, and then Dancing on the dim sky.
Finally, at a certain flashing moment, thunder and five-color escaping light intertwined again.
Xu Shiyunhan never noticed it.
So, in the midst of the lightning and stone fire, Chu Weiyang’s figure emerged from the mysterious thunder. He reached behind him with his hand and shattered the five-color escaping light. At that moment, Chu Weiyang grabbed Yun Han. Hair flying in the strong wind.
Then, he pulled forward suddenly, then came down again. At the same time, while standing still, Chu Weiyang bent his knees and used his fist again.
Almost at the moment when Yunhan staggered and fell back, his knees were fixed on the vertebrae of his spine, and Yunhan’s slender waist made a dull grinding sound as his bones were overwhelmed, and then, Chu Weiyang punched him. He hit the Qi Hai Dantian.
The two forces intertwined on the torso. Soon, Yunhan rolled her eyes and almost fainted. She bit her lips tightly, but still made a whimpering sound similar to crying.
Chu Weiyang could clearly feel Yunhan’s progress, but reaching this point was already Yunhan’s limit. At this time, it seemed that her body was intact and not damaged at all; but in fact, at the level of energy and blood, she had lost all her strength. It was heavy trauma and pain. What could teach her to maintain a peaceful appearance was nothing more than her abundant and abundant mana.
Moreover, Chu Weiyang thought, after experiencing these battles today, in addition to actually stepping into that door and experiencing it personally, Yunhan has mastered the limits of what an outsider can master about the body-building method.
Whether it is from the level of one’s own Qi and blood, or from the level of harvest, thes