t say that it would definitely happen. The tomb is so close in front of you, but you didn’t feel it. What pressure?”

/Lu Bei looked at the palace shrouded in black mist, and then at Xin Lijun, whose body was tense. He turned to look at the three younger brothers, and found that each of the three Zhan Hongqu was more nervous than the other. Especially Zhan Hongqu, who was at the lowest level among the three. His face was pale at the moment and his breathing was a little confused.
Is it true? Why didn’t I respond?
Lu Bei was deeply surprised. When something went wrong, there must be a monster. His eyes glowed with golden light, and he was sure that the surroundings were not hallucinations. Then he said: “I didn’t have any pressure at first, but after being scared by you, I immediately felt it.”
“Too reckless!”
A gentleman does not stand behind a dangerous wall, so Xinlijun refused to go deep into the dangerous place: “I have never gone deep into the tomb, and I know nothing about the situation inside. To be cautious, I will leave this place first. Let everyone recruit helpers and agree on a time.”
“Okay, okay, I understand.”
Lu Bei waved his hand and rolled out a black chain, wrapping it around Xinlijun’s waist: “Add a safety rope, I will pull you if there is danger. Do you have any questions?”
Are you trying to give me a hand? You are obviously afraid that I will escape!
/Lord Xinli was filled with hatred and glared at Lu Bei fiercely. When he saw the latter raised his fist with shining white light, he turned around and strode towards the main entrance of the hall.
The five steps at the main entrance of the main hall are arranged in the formation of the five elements. I don’t know if it is due to the passage of time or other reasons, but several people walked through it without any risk and did not trigger the formation.
After walking through the five steps, Xinlijun’s clothes were soaked in cold sweat on his back, and Lian Lin was almost the same as Wang Yan. The deeper he went into the hall, the more fear he felt, and there was only one thought in his mind.
Leave now!
Cutting the red song was the worst, half of the body was leaning on Lu Bei, and he barely managed to avoid falling down with the help of his strength.
Lu Bei flicked the Immortal Sword Intent with his fingers, fed him some more Xiantian Qi, and asked Zhan Hongqu to practice in a small room. Then he ordered the guardians on the left and right, holding the chain to make Xin Lijun move faster.
The moment he entered the hall, a cold air hit his face. Mr. Xinli felt his hands and feet were as cold as if he had entered an ice cellar.
This chill came from the bottom of her heart, not from the direct physical senses. Even if she burned the Phoenix Flame, she could not dispel the chill called fear.
The empty hall was filled with dead silence. A few people held their breath and moved forward with concentration. Xinlijun and the other three became more and more frightened as they walked. Lu Bei was not in the atmosphere, and he did