ivating to the middle stage of Taoism, you will only have the power of three thousand ordinary Taoists in the middle stage! In terms of power, you are far behind me!”

Taiyi solemnly said: “What I practice is the Taiyi Dao, one of the nine innate paths, the Dao of the world, the nine highest paths. What you practice is only the next-level Dao, a sub-dao under the Taiyi Dao. This alone is not enough.” It can even out the gap in moral strength.”
Master Luo’s eyes flickered and he said leisurely: “Where are the spiritual treasures? How many innate spiritual treasures do you have, how can you compete with me?”
Taiyi said leisurely: “After Master Hua died, I was also fighting for the spiritual treasure. But I am not greedy, as long as the spiritual treasure is enough.”
Master Luo was still waiting to speak, but Taiyi thought to himself: “Your realm is higher than mine, and my skills are better than yours. My Dao is stronger than you, and your Dao power is better than mine. You have more magical weapons than me, and my magical powers are better than yours. As for experience, I have become a Taoist master not long ago, and Taoist brother relies on his Taoist power to suppress others. The experience of life and death fighting between Taoist masters is the same as that of you and me.”
/Master Luo exhaled a breath of turbid air and looked outside the Immortal Palace.
Tai Dao: “Don’t worry, I don’t know how to follow the nine evidences, and I can’t change history. They will forget when they see us. You and I can rest assured that we will fight here until the loser dies. Brother Dao, I have already With the awareness of mortality.”
Master Luo’s eyelids twitched violently, and his voice was hoarse as he said, “Aren’t you here to kill me at this time with Xu Ying?”
Taiyi shook his head and said: “I had this intention before. But Brother Dao must have made all preparations, so why should I bother? I only need to lead Brother Dao to this moment, and I might not be able to fight to the death with Brother Dao.”
Master Luo’s heart was also beating violently, and he suddenly laughed and said: “I have cultivated the Void Avenue, and the Void is no weaker than the Nine Paths!”
Taiyi shook his head and said: “You have not yet attained the Dao in the void. If you had attained the Dao, I would still be afraid of you and lead you to an even more ancient period before I dare to take action. Brother Dao, you are only worthy of me leading you here. You have already There’s no escape.”
He has a mature face, a firm tone, and a calm demeanor, as if what he wants to do can be accomplished.
“You can’t escape from the past if you don’t have access to the avenue of time and space.”
/Taiyi said lightly, “And I have countless opportunities to kill you. Even if I am not your opponent, I can still pull you back to an older era until I kill you.”
Master Luo Dao’s Taoist heart finally wavered at this moment. At the same time as he wavered, Tai Dao Dharma was activated and he sacrificed the Luo Tiandao tree, increasing the power of this single