people like them?

Although some of them are caused by the gods, most of them are caused by the warlocks of the ancient gods themselves.
/Warlocks consume the energy accumulated in the body when fighting. The upper limit of this energy is gifted by the ancient gods, and it can explode with extremely powerful energy attack effects during battle.
But once this energy is consumed, the warlock loses his ability to fight.
The knight is different. Even if the knight does not use the power of blood, relying on his own strength and speed, he is still very powerful in combination with his mount.
If the knights are caught in a fierce battle, the knights will adjust their fighting methods. They will only use the power of blood at critical times, thereby delaying their own fighting time.
At this point, warlocks are simply incomparable. Warlocks cannot compete with knights in consumption, and must resolve the battle quickly.
Fortunately, there was a Sky Knight killer on the Blade Master’s side, otherwise he would have given up and continued fighting after several consecutive lightning attacks failed to severely damage the Maynard Sky Knight.
/The Blade Master knows very well that he is just a killer, and assassination is what he is best at. With his lightning talent, he can hide and attack suddenly. As long as the knight’s reaction is slower, he will be paralyzed by the lightning. Several Blade Masters have successfully assassinated in the past. This is how the Sky Knight was killed.
He checked the energy in his body. In the continuous bursts just now, he had consumed nearly half of the energy. Normally, no matter what kind of battle, he would retain the next third of the energy to save his life.
Therefore, he does not have much energy to consume in the subsequent battles.
Fortunately, maintaining the lightning trap on the ground did not require much energy. Seeing Maynard’s Sky Knights retreating steadily under the attacks of the Sky Knight Killers made him feel at ease.
Maynard Sky Knight cannot be let go, otherwise no matter how well-organized the Dark Blade Killers are, they will not be able to withstand the pursuit of multiple temples.
At that time, the blade master can only give up everything and go to the evil god believers organization, and can no longer enter the prosperous world.
This is unacceptable to the Blade Master who has enjoyed the beauty and power of the world, so Maynard Sky Knight must die. Only the dead can keep secrets.
In fact, if the Blade Master had known from the beginning that only one of the two Sky Knight killers was left, he would never have immediately turned against Maynard Sky Knight, let alone exposed his lightning talent and identity as a follower of the evil god.
Now that the Blade Master is riding a tiger, he can only keep the Maynard Sky Knight with all his strength.
Maynard Sky Knight has an extra shield in his left hand, which shows that his battle has become defensive.
Defending in the lightning trap was definitely not a good choice. Maynard Sky Knight felt that the power o