person with half a bucket of water practice so smoothly?” She was a little crazy.

Xu Ying ran wildly between the magical powers of the two peerless beings. Sometimes he was stuck on the left and right, and sometimes he was advancing suddenly. Every time when Hutunsheng and Shen Tulun’s magical powers were about to destroy them, he would suddenly survive the desperate situation, which made Wen Nanxun terrified.
Da Zhong was extremely calm, not worried about his own safety at all.
Wen Nanxun was filled with admiration and said to himself: “Brother Zhong Dao is still calm and has a strong Taoist heart. I am far behind.”
But she misunderstood the big clock. Master Zhong always thought that if Xu Ying could not escape, he would naturally not be able to live alone, and he would definitely not be able to escape, so it was better to simply be calm and resign himself to fate.
Suddenly, the pressure of the small universe around Xu Ying suddenly decreased, and he finally escaped from the magical power of the two peerless beings.
Xu Ying took Wen Nanxun and Dazhong with him, and the Nine Innate Paths continued to rely on evidence in the sea of ??chaos, and flew away all the way.
After a long time, Xu Ying suddenly woke up and said, “Nan Xun, how do we get to the Dao Alliance?”
Wen Nanxun shook his head and said: “I don’t know either. My Immortal Palace has the brand of the Dao Alliance’s Da Kong Ming Realm. If it is an ordinary period, if you activate the Immortal Palace, you can return to the Da Kong Ming Realm. Now that the Immortal Palace has been destroyed, we can only wait for the Dao Alliance Found us.”
She urged her Dao Alliance Order and said: “Don’t worry, as soon as my Dao Alliance Order is issued, there will be Dao Alliance experts coming. Moreover, Brother Zhong Dao is very important. Since the Dao Alliance has sent Chaos Palace Lord, I will definitely send other palace masters to come and greet you.”
Xu Ying was relieved a little, but was surprised in his heart: “I didn’t expect Master Zhong to be so valued by the Taoist Alliance. I slapped him on the butt even when I was a child. He even did not hesitate to teach it personally and let it copy my Taoist patterns. As the saying goes, if one person ascends, he will become an immortal. As for chickens and dogs, they have become prosperous, and so have I!”
“Let’s keep walking, don’t stop here, lest we be found by the rebels.”
/Wen Nanxun said, “Among the rebels, in addition to Shen Tulun, there are also several beings at the end of the road. Although they are not as pure as the Taoism of our Taoist alliance, they are not trivial. If Shen Tulun is not the only one coming this time, then we will It’s dangerous!”
Xu should speed up immediately and stay away from this place.
There was no up, down, left, right, past or future in the sea of ??chaos. Xu Ying ran for an unknown amount of time, but the surroundings were still filled with chaos. He couldn’t tell where he was, or when he was.
However, the pressure from the Chaos Sea was getting heavier and heavier,