yi, just like A small universe surrounded her, Xu Ying, and the big clock.

Wen Nanxun was stunned: “Jiu Dao Evidence? Is it Brother Zhong Dao?”
However, when she looked carefully, she realized that the nine evidences did not come from the big bell, but from Xu Ying.
Only with the Nine Evidences can one move freely in the sea of ??chaos without worrying about losses. If you practice a single avenue, sooner or later you will be gradually eroded by the sea of ??chaos because you consume too much mana, and you will die.
However, because the nine ways of evidence-based work are endless, it can maintain its peak state and it is not impossible to cross the sea!
“He actually cultivated the Nine Paths of Evidence-Based Practice? No, his paths are uneven. How can he practice evidence-based practice?”
Wen Nanxun was astonished. In the Tao Alliance, the result of the nine-path evidence-based approach is that the nine innate avenues must go hand in hand. It is impossible for any one avenue to surpass the others!
But Xu Ying’s Nine Ways of Evidence are very different. His Avenue of Nirvana and Hongmeng Avenue are obviously much higher than other avenues!
These two avenues have been cultivated into the Tao Master Realm, while the other avenues are still in the Immortal Realm!
According to Wen Nanxun’s knowledge, using the Nine Paths of Evidence in this state is like a chariot walking on a bumpy road. It will inevitably suffer from the Nine Paths’ backlash, and you will either die or be seriously injured!
However, Xu Ying’s nine-path evidence-based system was running smoothly. When the path changed, it was obviously ups and downs, but it was as smooth as silk, with no sign of backlash. This completely broke her common sense!
What drove her crazy was that Xu Ying, who was clearly a member of the Nine Paths of Immortality, could actually prop up a small universe in the sea of ??chaos to protect them.
However, even a Taoist master like her who has practiced one of the nine ways cannot protect herself in the sea of ??chaos!
“This fellow Taoist Xu is not inferior to fellow Taoist Zhong. It’s a pity that he is a human being. If he were a magic weapon, he would be valued by the Taoist Alliance.” She thought to herself.
/Xu Ying took her and Da Zhong and rushed out to avoid the impact of the two peerless powerful men’s magical powers. He saw that the small universe outside him was suddenly dented by force after force in the sea of ??chaos, but he was always able to survive. After evidence-based recovery, recovery is as good as before!
Wen Nanxun was surprised and doubtful: “Is his nine evidences so smooth? Even if he is the master of the palace, I’m just afraid…”
/Although she is not a disciple of Dao Ji, her vision and knowledge are extraordinary after all. She has also seen the nine evidences of the existence of the palace master level. However, even the nine evidences of the palace master level are not necessarily more fluent than Xu Ying. .
It even gave her a slightly worse feeling!
“How did a nine-path evidence-based