ncarnation is naturally derived. Among them are the reincarnation of all kinds, the reincarnation of all things, and the reincarnation of all ways. It is really exquisite.

The evolution of reincarnation breeds cause and effect. Cause and effect are entangled with reincarnation, becoming heavier and more complex. Finally, it is unbearable and turns into disaster.
The calamity gradually arises and a killing spree begins. When the killings end and the world is filled with death, it finally disappears and returns to chaos.
Xu Ying used this to observe the reincarnation of the universe. Over time, his understanding of the Tao of Reincarnation became higher and deeper, and his own three thousand heaven and earth avenues also integrated accordingly, gradually forming the evolution of reincarnation. Coming closer!
Taoist Menghe left the Reincarnation Pond and walked towards the Reincarnation Hall. Along the way, several Reincarnation Hall disciples stepped forward, suppressed their anger and asked: “Xu Ying is a bad teacher, why do you still treat Xu Ying with such courtesy?”
“Why not throw him into the pool of reincarnation and turn him into ashes?”
“Eldest Brother has forgotten the humiliation we suffered. Has he also forgotten the humiliation he suffered? You were almost turned into ashes by Xu Ying in Mingque Mansion!”
Taoist Menghe snorted, glanced at them, and sneered: “It’s Master Gu’s order to treat Xu Ying kindly. If you have any questions, ask Master Gu!”
/No one dared to speak.
Taoist Menghe walked directly into the Reincarnation Hall, walked forward quickly, came to the center of the hall, bowed and said: “Teacher, this disciple has led Xu Ying to the Reincarnation Pond, and has also taught the Huizhao method.”
Gu Daosheng, the master of the Reincarnation Hall, sat still and said with a smile: “Xu Ying has become the Reincarnation Taoist and learned the method of returning to the world. His past and future will be unified, and we will know whether he is a big shot or not.”
The method of cultivating Huizhao to unify the past and future is the method used by the Taoist Alliance to deal with the calamity of annihilation. This method was created by Gu Daosheng, the master of the Reincarnation Hall. If you practice this method, you can get rid of bad luck forever. It is known as the immortal golden body in the sea of ??chaos.
/To destroy a monk, the calamity of annihilation must first destroy its past time and space, future time and space, destroy all possibilities, and then catch up with the present and destroy the monk.
But if you practice the method of reflection, you can unify the past, present and future. The past self cannot be annihilated, and there will be no period of weakness. Various possibilities for your future self still exist, and it will not mean that you have no future.
Therefore, Hui Zhao has become a must-practice method for Taoist masters. It’s just that not every Taoist master can practice this method. If you want to practice it, you must first become a reincarnation Taoist master.