so felt that everyone Will her mentality change and think she has a crush on Liu Changan?

Girls often think a lot about these proportions and details, leaving boys unable to figure out their attitudes that change like the weather.
Su Nanxiu’s eyes swept over Yan Qingcheng. A girl like this who looks enthusiastic and easy-going has a lot of strength and self-esteem hidden in her heart. She is used to hiding her emotions. If she wants to admit that she likes someone, she thinks she is too good. In other words, it is almost impossible to say that he is a boy from a different world than himself.
/Unless this boy takes the initiative to pursue her and makes her feel the most sincerity, eliminating her hesitation and distrust of everything brought from life, she will basically not reveal herself. true intention.
It is impossible for Liu Changan to pursue Yan Qingcheng. He is a dedicated man who only likes “super” beautiful girls from beginning to end.
“My relationship with Liu Changan is okay.” Yan Qingcheng saw that Su Nanxiu didn’t say anything and thought she didn’t believe it, so he quickly explained, “Because his father knows my mother, and I have carefully understood his character. In fact, he He’s just a bit arbitrary, and he’s not really a school bully like the school rumors say, he’s still a pretty good person.”
Yan Qingcheng thinks that Su Nanxiu must have heard of Liu Changan’s reputation, but the strange thing is that Su Nanxiu is Zhu Juntang’s cousin. Since they are from a wealthy family, they are also close friends with Liu Changan, and Zhu Juntang and Liu Changan play well, doesn’t Sunanxiu not Want to know more about Liu Changan? But it’s not surprising. As the saying goes, a sister-in-law is a half-assed brother-in-law, but in fact there are many sister-in-laws who hate their brothers-in-law.
Su Nanxiu looked at Yan Qingcheng carefully, his eyes sweeping from the top of Yan Qingcheng’s head to the insteps of her feet.
Yan Qingcheng is over 1.7 meters tall and has a tall figure. Except for An Nuan, most girls have to look up at her, but Yan Qingcheng feels that Su Nanxiu is looking down on her. There is a “” in the little girl’s eyes The meaning of “That’s it” made Yan Qingcheng confused.
“Liu Changan’s father is called Liu Jianshe.” Su Nanxiu’s eyes twitched. From Ye Chenyu to Liu Jianshe, this person’s naming can still follow the pace of the times, but the change in painting style has always made Su Nanxiu uncomfortable.
After all, my young master Ye has always looked like a handsome and troubled young man, but once he was reincarnated, he could actually transform into a person wearing a safety helmet, sweatshirt, shorts, and Jiefang shoes.
/Although Liu Jianshe is also a professor with many achievements and a low profile, Su Nanxiu does not think that he did anything wrong in taking some of Professor Liu’s research results. He didn’t want them anymore and pretended to be dead and took them away as a “widow”. What’s wrong with my husband’s research results? What’s wrong? Where is wrong?