now this, right? Female masters are usually used to push them down. If it is the kind of master who is described as beautiful, charming, and has an extremely beautiful appearance that overwhelms other female characters, but it is not used to push him down, then it is simply The sky will be angry and people will complain.” Liu Changan also smiled, pinched her soft ears and said.

An Nuan tilted her head slightly, rubbed the back of his hand with her cheek, her eyes rolled, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, “So that’s how it is. But there are some people who are equally beautiful, charming, and extremely good-looking. At the same time, they are better than Master in terms of figure.” Are there some netizens who have a bit more advantage? Shouldn’t they be pushed down too, otherwise it will lead to anger and resentment?”
Liu Changan couldn’t help but frown, immediately shook his head, and said solemnly: “This is not possible. There is a magic weapon in the master’s hand called the Vinegar Altar. It is comparable to the jade purification bottle of Guanyin. It has amazing magical powers. Once it is knocked over, it can contain an amount of treasure. A sea of ??vinegar pouring out like the Pacific Ocean, even I can’t resist.”
“Sages talk about their deeds regardless of their heart, and Master will not investigate whether you dare not rather than don’t want to.” An Nuan raised her head proudly. No wonder many boys like to call themselves father, and it feels good to call themselves master.
It would be nice if he could shout “Master, spare my life” next time, hehe.
“Let me ask you, what’s the right way to use “Master spare my life” as the first couplet, and the second couplet must have the word “Dad”? An Nuan asked Liu Changan with pink cheeks. He must know, after all, she gave him the answer.
“You are already driving, don’t drive randomly.” Liu Changan refused to be tested.
An Nuan dropped Liu Changan off in front of the teaching building. Because he wanted to familiarize himself with the road conditions and vehicle performance, he had to walk around a few times. In the end, he didn’t see his favorite Maserati Quattroporte, so he had to leave with regret.
When Liu Changan walked into the classroom, Zhu Juntang was already sitting in the corner of the back row, writing and drawing seriously with his head down.
There were no game consoles, snacks, comic books or the like placed in front of her anymore, but a plastic soft leather pencil case that looked like she bought it at a canteen next to an elementary school.
/Could it be that he felt that his position was threatened by Yan Qingcheng and started to study hard? So Liu Changan walked to Zhu Juntang casually.
Feeling the strong wind hitting his face, Zhu Juntang raised his head and glanced at Liu Changan, tilted his head and chuckled twice, then continued to do his own thing with his head lowered. Since he had promised to take him to the amusement park tomorrow, he was acting like a good boy today. , will not roll around on the ground fo