“I’m not forcing you, I’m begging you to use the interior location to bring back the unparalleled strong man. We guarantee that you can survive.”

Wang Xuan was not surprised. The other party dared to make such an arrangement. It must be because he knew his biggest secret and opened a special interior location in his mortal stage, so he made such a drastic move.
He was slightly silent, and finally sighed, walked forward, picked up the crystal silk thread, and flicked it through the slightly glowing curtain.
There is a group of people on the opposite side, which is a powerful camp.
There is a man at the end, wearing black gold armor, with a helmet that even covers his face. He has a different temperament from the immortals.
He was silent and awe-inspiring even through the curtain. As an immortal, Huang Kun trembled when facing him. All mountains and rivers seemed very small in front of him, and the sun in the sky dimmed.
All the immortals around him were actually ignored, making it easy for people to forget the existence of other true immortals.
“In this world, we are back!” someone shouted, extremely excited.
The moment the fishhook passed through, there was an earth-shattering roar.
Whoosh whoosh!
All the immortals moved, and in an instant, several people rushed outward along the silk thread.
“Hurry! Time is running out. The old covenant cannot be broken. Cherish this short time. Right now it is more precious than heavenly medicine and peerless scriptures. Escape!” the people behind urged.
Then, they screamed, earth-shaking, and they all exploded.
The immortals are dripping with blood, have unpredictable power, and have terrifying runes that obliterate their physical bodies and tear apart their souls!
“Why is this happening?” The immortals who rushed over along the thread roared and looked at Wang Xuan, and then at Huang Kun. The power of their souls was rapidly dissolving and passing away.
/This is no different from them forcing their way into the big scene!
“You changed the silk thread, where is the one I gave you?!” Huang Kun rushed over, and after careful inspection, he was extremely furious. His original silk thread was personally refined by the powerful man behind the scenes.
Wang Xuan looked at him and said, “I think your silk thread is a bit rotten. I have a silk thread of similar material, so I donated it because I’m afraid yours won’t be strong.”
Huang Kun was going crazy and couldn’t stand this stimulation.
The seven immortals who came out across the curtain exploded, shocking!
In Huang Kun’s eyes, Wang Xuan is just a tool man. After the channel is opened, the immortals of their camp will return on Wang Xuan’s bones.
Back in the Dead Land, the mysterious creature on the moon wanted to fish Wang Xuan away, but he cut off a piece of fishing line with a dagger, which came in handy this time.
“It’s hard to be a good person!” Wang Xuan sighed.
In a sense, the fishing line sent by Wang Xuan is made of better material. If it is really used to catch Tianyao, there will definitely be no proble