misunderstood him and thought that Xu Ying was not good at cultivation.

Xu Ying asked: “Your teacher is a Qi practitioner like you, but he doesn’t practice Nuo?”
Du Fei restrained his previous arrogance and bowed: “Teacher said, the Nuo master’s Nuo method is just an evil heretic, a method of death. Why should you learn it?”
Xu Ying nodded lightly and said to himself: “What Xu Fu said is correct. The Nuo master’s Nuo method is indeed full of traps that can harm people. If you don’t get rid of the traps, it will be extremely harmful. But if you can get rid of the traps, your future will be bright. .”
This sword-qi chariot was speeding through the air at an extremely fast speed, and Xu Ying admired the four sword boys outside the car.
“The magic power of these four people is long and long, and they can actually activate their sword energy for such a long time. This level of cultivation is almost the same as that of Qi Ye.”
As soon as he thought of this, he saw several more boys stepping out of the carriage and coming outside to replace the four sword boys. The four sword boys were relieved, covered in sweat, and exhausted.
Seeing this, Xu Ying thought to himself: “It seems not as strong as Qi Ye’s vitality. Although this sword boy’s cultivation level is much higher than Qi Ye’s, he seems to have insufficient vitality.”
At the same level, Gan Qi’s vitality is powerful enough to keep pace with Xu Ying. It’s just that now that Xu Ying has opened the secret treasure of Yuchi, his vitality is stronger.
On the way, the chariot changed sword boys four more times, and finally came to a mountain. The chariot passed between the peaks, flew to the top of a big mountain, and landed slowly.
The sword energy jingled and was put into the sword boxes one after another.
When Xu Ying got out of the car, he saw beautiful mountains and clear waters, facing the sea, and birds living on the cliffs. The birds were startled, leaping down from the cliffs, and speeding on the sea.
There are also young men and women, in groups of four, each controlling their sword energy, swimming with the birds, and shuttle across the sea.
This scene is so refreshing.
“Ancestor, please come this way!” Du Fei stretched out his hand and said.
/Xu Ying followed him and climbed up the white jade stone steps. After a long time, he reached the end of the stone steps and came to the main hall of this mountain.
In the main hall, a large square stone floated there. The length, width and height of the stone were one foot each, and it was very regular.
Standing on the big rock was a man in black clothes and a red belt. He looked like he was only in his twenties or thirties, but he had an air of Taoism and immortality, as if he were an immortal.
But there was a bloody centipede-shaped scar at the corner of his eye, which destroyed his immortality. Judging from the scar, the wound must have been deep and terrifying at the time.
When the man saw Xu Ying, even though his Taoist heart was calm, he couldn’t help but feel as if he had dropped a pebble, causin