gun spitting out white light, and piercing Lu Bei like a bird’s beak.

Golden light spread across the sky, and Lu Bei got another blood.
After a few times, Zhu Xun was covered in stains. Xia Yuechan couldn’t bear it anymore, pushed Zhu Xun away, and chose to face the hard steel Lu Bei.
What happened after that was just like when Zhiyuan met the golden-winged roc. In the still picture, golden light interspersed vertically and horizontally, and every sword and fist hit Xia Yuechan.
On Zhu Xun next to him.
This product has a low level, relatively few skills, and a higher probability of shipment.
Half an hour later, Zhu Xun stood in the air panting. Xia Yuechan wiped away the blood stains on his cheeks, his eyes full of solemnity.
I have to admit that the couple couldn’t do anything to Lu Bei without risking their lives.
But risking one’s life for the sake of the West Prince’s Mansion is not in line with the principles of the Emperor’s Sect. Fortunately, the powerful enemy on the opposite side seems to have the same plan. Although the attack will attract blood, they avoid the vital points of the soul, leaving behind nothing. Scared little injury.
The situation reached a deadlock again.
Lu Bei looked ugly. It was too difficult. It was just a dual cultivation skill. Why was it so difficult?
Also, who will tell him what the skill of the Eighty-one Golden Gun is? Is it marksmanship or marksmanship?
If it’s marksmanship, do you want to give up a skill slot?
Click! !
The void shattered, and the figure with the sword behind his back slowly walked out.
As soon as he appeared on the stage, his late-stage combined aura shocked the entire audience, and Xia Yuechan’s face suddenly changed in shock.
It was easy to break through her little world and enter it calmly. It was also in the integration stage, so the methods of the visitor were a bit exaggerated.
“Who do I think you are? Isn’t this Elder Zhan of the Tianjian Sect? If you don’t retreat at Tianjian Peak, what are you doing in Xianzhou?” Zhu Xun asked, squinting his eyes.
“The Purple Light Sword Sect of the Iron Sword Alliance was broken into the mountain gate, and Mr. Zhan came to ask for an explanation.”
Speaking of this, Zhan Lexian looked at Lu Bei with cold eyes: “This beast is very capable. I’m afraid Zhan is no match for him. Why don’t we join forces to capture him? What do you two think?”
You’re laughing so hard, what does your Tianjian Sect’s fight with Xuanyin Division have to do with our Emperor Ji Sect! x2
“You’re laughing so hard. The Tianjian Sect is knocking on your door. You really think that our Emperor’s Sect is easy to bully!”
/Lu Bei waved his hand and took out the command token, and looked at Zhu Xun with an honest face: “Commander, the thieves of Tianjian Sect want to rebel, and they have bullied our Emperor Ji Sect.”
Lu Bei took out the Huangji Sect’s command token, but Zhu Xun didn’t even look at it. Now that he knew who he was, what had he done?
Not only did he ignore it, he also put away the commander’s token hanging on h