hinese army into pieces and turning into powder!

Among the countless debris, Yang Yanlong rose into the sky, covered in blood, to face Xu Ying’s Buzhoushan magical power. However, the next moment, a golden bridge came down, directly suppressing his dojo!
Then, Xu Ying held his hands in vain, and the mountains of Buzhou came down again. Yang Yanlong vomited blood. He could still stand before, but now he fell to the ground!
“Tianzun, leave a way to survive!” Xiao Yulou, Fu Qingye and other immortal kings’ expressions changed greatly, and they all knelt down on one knee and begged for Yang Yanlong’s life.
If Yang Yanlong was beaten to death by Xu Ying, they, the Tiangang Disha and the 84,000 Dou Sha, would all have no way to survive.
Xu Ying stopped and dispersed to the last Buzhou Mountain, waving and saying: “Don’t call me Tianzun anymore, I am no longer your Tianzun. Dear gentlemen, we will meet again in the world, we may be enemies, don’t show mercy. Farewell”
He turned and left.
Tiankui Immortal King Xiao Yulou and others watched him go away, then lifted up Yang Yanlong, who was seriously injured and dying, and hurriedly returned to Doubu. When the other two masters of Doubu, Si Chuanzhao and Huo Changge heard the news, they were each shocked and hurried over. They saw that Yang Yanlong was beaten until all the bones in his body were broken, his soul was also severely damaged, and even his Daoxing was cut off. A lot!
“Who beat Fellow Daoist Yang like this?”
Huo Changge was furious and shouted, “Bullying my Doubu, the bullying has reached its head! Brother Si, this can’t be tolerated! Who did it?”
“Yang Zhenjun met Xu Tianzun, so…”
Huo Changge suddenly lost his anger and hesitantly said: “Uh-huh, that’s it. Yang Daoyou is recovering from his injuries. We will definitely not let this matter go.”
/Si Chuanzhao said: “Xu Laogou has done many evil things, and we will definitely not let him go. Fellow Taoist Huo and I will report to the court and ask the court to make a decision! You can rest in peace and recover.”
The two left and reported the matter to the Immortal Court. Not long after, someone from the Fairy Court came to visit Yang Yanlong. Yang Yanlong was seriously injured and could not afford it, so the visitor went back to recover.
This time, Yang Yanlong, the leader of the Three Realms of Doubu, was severely wounded by the rebel Xu Ying. The Tiangang Disha and other soldiers were also guilty of failing to protect him. Therefore, they were all uneasy and uneasy, waiting for the fate of Xianting.
The fighting department is directly under the command of the Immortal Emperor, so if a penalty is imposed, it will be directly imposed by the Immortal Emperor.
However, the punishment from the Immortal Emperor has not come yet, and instead they are waiting for the new owner of Helingdu Ancient Heaven Palace.
“Gentlemen, I welcome Xu Jing.”
A scholar with gray sideburns came to the Dakui Hall with the instructions of the Immortal Emperor. He paid homage to the two true monarchs Huo Changge and Sichuanzh