ndescribable nothingness. Your body is cold and your spirit is active. You have built the world with your thoughts. When you wake up from the dream, everything should collapse and reality appears.”

Wang Xuan was in a daze, a little dazed. Is this a scripture?
Across time and space, separated by countless years, words and languages ??can no longer be understood and passed on. Only this spirit can resonate.
If what is said on this page is credible, the real world would be too terrible. All of this is the release of one’s own thoughts. In ancient and modern times, there is only one person, and everything and the universe are all illusory?
/Wang Xuan was confused. There was something demonic about this scripture. It was brainwashing. He was idealistic to the extreme. Apart from self-sacrifice, there is nothing else in the world.
“Why does it look like a diary left by a mentally ill person?” He looked confused. Is this the last verse? It felt useless to him.
However, in a civilized fire, it was written on ordinary materials, but it was not damaged and was not burned, indicating that the meaning of the scriptures it contained was unusual.
Fortunately, these are just a few ghostly drawings, not all of them.
Wang Xuan threw it into the fire and continued to interact with it. After the mental fluctuations were consistent, he captured the traces of his thoughts again.
“Do you believe it? Since ancient times, there has been only one person in the world, and I am you. When I wake up, I leave a record. When your spirit extends, you see the only paper in the world that records the truth.”
Wang Xuan was speechless. What followed was the diary of a mental patient, still brainwashing.
“Actually, this is just a hypothesis. Believe it or not, it is correct. The reality is more unpredictable and bizarre than what I said. What I said is just to remind you. Maybe the truth is that you are a patient lying in bed. You have been on the sick bed for most of your life, your body has grown old, and while your spirit is still dying, it outlines all things and scenes, and everything comes from this.”
“Poisonous!” Wang Xuan said, and then he waved to the little white tiger and said: “Come, I will reveal the real world to you and teach you a supreme scripture about the nature of all things.”
Then, he unceremoniously tortured the little white tiger and passed on this mental imprint to him.
Unexpectedly, the round-faced girl became demented. She was deeply trapped in it and kept talking in her sleep. She said: “It makes sense. The demon master is my true body and consciousness. Wang Xuan is the dregs of my spirit. Therefore, everything in the world should be beaten to death.” I am the only one who is true!”
When Wang Xuan saw it, he was speechless and didn’t want to talk to her anymore.
He quickly captured the spiritual imprint again, and finally saw the real scripture.
“What I said is just an introduction. Destiny will arise and die according to your own heart. The spirit is the only sword we can use to cut through the fog and get c