em with various judgments about the “world” before. I am restrained, profound, experienced and ruthless. “Star Admiral” feels that I am not too surprised.

“Yes, Ms. Cattleya.” Klein motioned for his boss to leave the room.
When it became extremely quiet here, “Admiral of the Stars” Cattleya spoke again:
“I’m curious how you recognized my identity. I’m always very careful when attending parties.”
At that time, the “World” who requested to communicate alone said “Star Admiral”, which really shocked her.
It was also based on this factor that she chose to accept the commission from “The World”.
“Secret.” Klein smiled politely.
Because he didn’t want the other party to think of Mr. Fool, he added calmly:
“Your eyes are very distinctive.”
/“Can I understand that this is a compliment to me?” Cattleya smiled suddenly.
She believed that the previous “world” only suspected that she was the “Star Admiral” through her eyes and other details, but did not confirm it, so she tried it through language, and her own reaction told him the correct answer.
Klein did not respond and asked instead:
“When shall we leave?”
“Admiral of the Stars” Cattleya thought for a moment and replied:
“8 o’clock tonight, Pier 6.
Yes, there is no delay at all. Klein nodded slightly and said:
As soon as he finished speaking, the light in the crystal ball suddenly converged, and the figure in black classical robe became darker and darker, became more and more blurred, and soon disappeared.
Holding the crystal ball that had become very ordinary, Klein turned around, opened the door, and walked out.
Glancing at the boss who was leaning against the wall and drinking, he casually threw the crystal ball to him.
While the boss was busy catching it, Klein walked down the stairs unhurriedly and left the warehouse.
When the “Fanatical Whale Dance” came out, he took out his gold pocket watch, flicked the switch, and looked at the time.
It was almost noon, and most bars were open. Klein stopped a taxi and told the person in Fusac that he was going to the “Lodar” bar. This means “Morning Bar” in the local language and belongs to The Gargas Islands are a place where adventurers are relatively concentrated.
For Klein, the collection of different intelligence and the acquisition of various information are of great significance. This may help him make the most accurate judgment at a certain critical moment, thereby escaping the fate of losing his life, so , even if he doesn’t like bars too much, he still has to go there often, order a cup of beer with a strong wheat aroma, sit quietly in the corner of the bar, and listen to the people around him talking about interesting and important things that happened at sea.
In addition, he also wanted to find out whether Roy King, who was imprisoned in the Governor’s Palace of Bayam in the “City of Generosity”, had been rescued. In the past two months, “Snake of Mercury” Will Aucetin has not fallen asleep again, ” Councilor of Destiny “Rachod” also did not summon a messenger to provide clues to powerfu