y can destroy the planet, but they can’t do anything about those spiritual bodies. They can’t guard against them. They can’t destroy the new star completely, right?

Jinding Mountain is silent, have the immortals arrived?
Where is Wang Xuan? Is he dead? People are waiting for the results.
Half an hour later, people were shocked to find that Wang Xuan walked out of the forest, very calm and relaxed, approaching Yucheng as if taking a walk.
The outside world suddenly exploded. The immortals made such a big noise and didn’t even kill him?
He was safe and sound, his clothes were neatly laid out, and not a single strand of his hair was messy. He was quite calm and calm.
What about the immortals who threatened to take revenge? Their spiritual transmission shocked the area where Yucheng was located, and many people heard it.
“Wang Xuan, he won again. Even in the face of the immortals, he didn’t die. It seems that he dealt with it very easily!”
The outside world was in a state of excitement. No one expected such a result. Not even the legendary mythical creatures could do anything to him?
Many people want to know what happened when the supermatter boiled, the eye in the sky was blinded, and the detectors failed.
At Wangyue Cliff, a woman in white was surprised that this young man from Xinxing actually survived intact?
In a certain villa, Zhou Chong was a little miserable. He was sitting on a big silver clock, his spirit was dim, and he frowned. Is that young transcendent who he once wanted to use for himself so brave? There is a big problem with you!
He immediately thought of the lost God-Slaying Flag and became obsessed with it!
“Old Wang, this is going against heaven. Even the gods behind the scenes can’t do anything to him. I’m quite convinced!” Zhong Cheng was shocked.
After receiving the news, some senior members of the Sun family were speechless for a long time. Is that Wang Xuan so aggressive?
“Don’t conflict with him now. It’s rare. He is against the Immortals. Let them start a war. We will watch quietly for the time being!”
/The outside world is hotly discussing that the picture of Wang Zhi’s contempt has been posted again, attracting attention.
Of course, the big chaebol’s focus is not here. Should we implement the Taichu plan now? Retreat decisively, or wait and see the situation?
That day, there seemed to be a slight vibration between heaven and earth, and then a strange landscape appeared, which was jaw-dropping.
Abnormal celestial phenomena have occurred in all living planets, not limited to new stars, old lands and other places. In the deep space of the universe, wherever there are myths and legends, and ancient places that were once extraordinary planets.
The big curtain emerged and reflected, very close to the corresponding world, as if separated by a hazy halo.
Some of the curtains had passages to each other, but now they are starting to break apart.
Then, the hazy world in the big curtain dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye. In an instant, all the big curtains extinguished half o