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The ancestor of the Nether Blood Sect was moved. This is still a treasure iron bird, and asked: “Is there anything I want? I am rooted in the sea of ????blood, and I need super blood cultivation that is rare in the world.”
“Yes, the ancient spaceship retains some of the blood of super sample organisms, so that it can be repaired when the damage is too serious.”
Wang Xuan was slightly surprised that this ghost bird could really provide some benefits. He immediately glared at it and signaled that it was time to pay tribute.
“Yingwei Super Young” swallowed back the word Zai and changed it to Super Young Immortal. He told Wang Xuan that there are various “celebrities”‘ insights when they set foot in the tenth stage, and there are even scenes of their battles, and some people are even trying. After the eleventh stage of impact, one foot has already stepped forward.
Wang Xuan was moved. He didn’t expect that there was such a record. It was very important to him. He wanted to break through eleven sections of the most cutting-edge theory of the myth!
Now he is more pleased with the mechanical bird, and it does have some uses. However, he still reminded the ancestors of the Netherblood Cult to be careful not to let it escape in the old land and then use the spaceships in various places to cause trouble.
“Control its authority.” Fang Yuzhu said, there were some things that she had to guard against, even though she already had the highest authority over the ancient spaceship.
“You have praised others and given benefits. Why, you have ignored me?” Demon Lord Yanyan said.
“Great Miss Yanyan, your beauty is like the divine sun shining on all things, dimming the stars. Your style is unparalleled and can only be matched by Fairy Fang.” The mechanical bird immediately complimented, not forgetting to add a patch at the end for fear of offending. Fang Yuzhu.
“Your supreme grace and beauty have turned into eternal light, illuminating the entire universe and thousands of galaxies. All the gods are kneeling at your feet, willing to fall in love and surrender to your charming light.”
This ghost bird is unbearable, so disgusting.
Wang Xuan wanted to say, shut up, but he was afraid of offending the Demon Lord, because she listened with great interest. I don’t know if it was narcissism or some bad taste, but she still let him continue talking and listened there.
In the end, Fang Yuzhu stayed to study the ancient spaceship. She was very interested in the information here and had some expectations for extraterrestrial civilizations.
/Zhang Daoling didn’t leave either. He was staring at the star map, looking at it again and again. He really wanted to cross the border to capture and kill those taboo monsters. The so-called half-matter and half-energy plane was probably a small fairyland.
Yanyan stayed and interrogated the two prisoners. When facing the blue-haired woman, she also called Wang Xuan over, with a charming smile on her delicate face.
/The blue-haired woman was pale. Although she was a clone, she still had e