red flesh and blood. The scene was extremely tragic, but he was grinning through gritted teeth.

“Beheading the body flag, beheading the god flag, where is my treasure?” Qi Liandao, the second son of the Demon Ancestor, walked in this new world with deep eyes, clear goals, and a touch of killing intent.
“Open!” A white-haired man held a painting fan, with a magnificent picture of mountains and rivers on it. He flicked the fan violently, and with a bang, thousands of auras of light appeared, and the wonders of the mountains and rivers emerged, penetrating a mountain in front, revealing the remains of an ancient cave dwelling. appeared before his eyes.
At the end of the earth, a red-haired young man held a nine-story pagoda in his hands, showing a shocked face, staring at the Daze ahead, where the legendary two innate yin and yang qi were entangled, flowing, and rising.
He was shocked, and immediately sacrificed the Immortal Pagoda to take away this legendary material and turn the pagoda into a peerless treasure.
At this time, in this new world, people everywhere have found fortune and found strange objects, but a large number of people have also died. Crazy beasts are rampant, and Jedi appear. If you go to the wrong place, you will die.
The round-faced girl sat opposite the fire, absorbed some strange substances rising in the fire, stood up, and said, “This place is given to you.”
She was about to leave, but she couldn’t stand looking at that face. Even if she couldn’t kill him, she still wanted to carry him and chop his butt with his long knife!
It’s a pity that she can’t take action. Since she can only endure it, she might as well stay out of sight and out of mind.
Wang Xuan was surprised and said: “There is nothing surprising about this fire. It is just some special energy substances. It is neither dangerous nor great. Why is everyone talking about it and trying to find a pile of it?”
“Do you know what kind of fire this is?” The round-faced girl held her chin high and was extremely proud. She didn’t want to talk to him at first, but she couldn’t help it.
“I don’t know, and neither do you?” Wang Xuan looked at her.
“The demon master said, this may be the ember of the great avenue. You think it is so simple. It can burn the immortals to death and destroy the demon saints. When it is strong, it becomes strong and when it is weak, it becomes weak. You were too weak and did not activate it or let it appear. The fortune and danger it deserves.”
/She raised her chin with a confident demeanor. Back then, she was taken by the Demon Lord and experienced the real and terrifying fire of civilization, which she still remembers vividly.
“That is a kind of creation that not many people can experience. It should be noted that a strong man who had competed with the Demon Lord died in the fire.”
When the round-faced girl said this, she gave him a slap on the back of her head and walked away, saying: “You, don’t think too much, you are still young, accumulate more, strive to make an exception in the future, and find op