nt opportunities. I heard that the Dark Blood Ancestor also went in!”

“No way, two peerless masters are here?”
/“Not only are there two of them, some people also saw Qi Teng, the ancestor of the Celestial Immortals, appearing, and his peerless body disappeared in a flash!”
“I guess there are weird things in this spiritual world. Now, people like them are here again. I want to take a last look!”
Far away, Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie looked solemn. There was more than one incarnation of a peerless person? This is a bit outrageous!
This place is physically difficult to enter. Although it is not absolutely impossible, it will definitely become a drag if you bring it in.
Wang Xuan tried it and was surprised, and then happy. The power of the God-killing Flag seemed to have skyrocketed in this world!
“Can you kill a peerless creature?” Chen Yongjie asked. He couldn’t forget it and wanted to kill the man wearing the silver mask. He couldn’t wait any longer.
Moreover, he also took out the exotic treasure and prepared to test it to see how effective the weapon that was designed to kill the soul was in the spiritual world.
Wang Xuan sensed it carefully, pondered for a while, and said: “You are thinking too much, and you are probably only close to the level of the man wearing the silver mask. If you see him again, you won’t lose your life. If you think of a way, maybe you can really help Come and give him a hard time.”
“That’s good. If you find an opportunity, you must hunt him back!” Chen Yongjie suddenly became energetic, as long as he is not crushed by others.
For three days, there has always been a large shadow in his heart, worrying that if he meets again, he will be directly beaten by that peerless murderer.
“Well, the effect is surprisingly good!” Chen Yongjie put the Soul Locking Bell into the spiritual world and absorbed the energy here. The bell body glowed, and during the soft ringing, silver ripples rippled, and the terrifying power was considerable.
However, because this spiritual world is connected to the real world, it has been restricted, and the powerful extraordinary rules gradually become ineffective.
Otherwise, the Soul Locking Bell is a peerless treasure. If it really breaks out in full force, it will shatter even the immortals!
That kind of extreme splendor can only be seen in the most brilliant era of extraordinary rules.
Wang Xuan tried it. After entering this spiritual world, the physical body seemed to be stuck in a quagmire. He could move, but it was too laborious and would become a burden.
It is said that even the most powerful men who go to the highest spiritual world to collect heavenly medicine keep their physical bodies in the outside world, and only their souls can go there.
Wang Xuan said: “I think we can almost protect ourselves. We won’t wait for Lao Zhang. Judging from his posture, he will probably dance happily with the female ghost for a long time.”
Chen Yongjie nodded, expressing deep agreement that Lao Zhang was quite popular among female ghosts.
Outside the spiritual w