“Okay, you go to the bathroom to change, and I’ll just change in the living room.” Liu Changan pointed in the direction of the bathroom.
An Nuan nodded expectantly and shyly, and ran to the bathroom.
In the past, when she was in the school locker room, he would often wait for her outside. I wonder if he had ever imagined her changing clothes. An Nuan stamped her feet. Really, today is just Valentine’s Day. Why do she like to think so much? ,crazy.
/An Nuan tried a bun and found that it didn’t suit her very well, so she combed two ponytails in a simple style and tidied her bangs. Fortunately, it rained today and the temperature was not too high. After walking for a while, her bangs were not greasy. After changing into a cheongsam, An Nuan looked at herself again. She was indeed Liu Yuewang’s daughter.
“Are you okay?” An Nuan had the urge to run out and scare Liu Changan. It would be more fun if she could see his naked butt running around and hiding, but she still held back. Today is Valentine’s Day, so such playfulness is still Hold it for now.
An Nuan then walked out, with a kind of shyness in her eyebrows. She raised her eyebrows and glanced at Liu Changan, and couldn’t help being a little surprised.
“You are so handsome and good-looking.” An Nuan was very surprised and stuttered.
“Look at your potential, come on, scream, cry, and roll on your knees in disbelief: How can such a handsome man be my boyfriend? This must be a dream, I don’t want to wake up! I want to sleep so hard that I can’t afford it!” “Liu Changan smiled and reached out to flick An Nuan’s forehead.
“Disgusting!” An Nuan had long been used to Liu Changan’s teasing. She moved his fingers away and looked at him again. He usually dressed very casually. It turned out that An Nuan felt that he had such a personality. Dressing like that really made her eyes shine today. It seemed that she had never seen anyone wearing Chinese-style and ancient-style clothes in such a natural and unpretentious way.
He is not the kind of handsome man with delicate raised eyebrows in ancient costume romance dramas, nor does he feel self-satisfied with the heavy and connotative self-satisfaction when wearing Hanfu. To him, this is a kind of clothing that can blend into the world and will not make people feel uncomfortable. This person is so strange. Why is this person wearing ancient clothes? Why is he so public? Is this person trying to get attention?
“I also prepared a gift for you.” Liu Changan opened the umbrella An Nuan brought and hung it to dry in the living room, and gave An Nuan the oil-paper umbrella he made.
An Nuan opened the umbrella in surprise. She found that the color of the umbrella actually matched the color of her dress, especially the words engraved on the umbrella handle, which were colored with dark gold dye: It starts with a heartbeat and ends with a white head. , if you embrace it, you will feel safe, and if you accompany it, you will feel warm.
“I know how. Even if I become an old woman, you will definitely think that I a