d. Don’t tell me, they failed in the end.”

“You can keep it for now, maybe it’s weird.”
In the barrier, the six masters rummaged through the mountains of ashes again, picked up various papers that were not completely burned, and studied them carefully.
They are even more unwilling than Wang Xuan. According to legend, the foundation of this civilization surpasses the mythical civilizations of all ages, and it should leave behind the most powerful treasure!
But the final result made them very disappointed. There was no royal flag in the ashes.
According to the records in the fragments they obtained during the excavation process, they did indeed refine treasures here when they gathered the power of a civilization.
“Retracing the old scene!”
The six of them sat down cross-legged, their eyebrows glowing, and they joined forces to trace the past here, hoping to see if a real imperial flag could be refined.
“It was indeed made, but the furnace exploded!” The man covered in golden clouds said solemnly, slightly excited. There should be a Royal Dao Flag in this world.
In the void, the huge fire burned, the sky collapsed, and time and space were distorted. It was based on the endless Taoist book, not only the Taoist principles of that civilization, but also the scriptures of other vanished mythical civilizations they collected. Wen, used as firewood.
Runes intertwined, rules spread, and a vague little flag floated in the firelight. Even across the vast sky of history, I don’t know how many years ago, it was still suffocating. Even the most powerful person was frightened and uneasy when facing it.
Finally, the flag soared into the sky, the fire exploded, and everything was lost.
The six masters shook violently. The final impact scene made some of them cough up blood, and the light of their souls dispersed.
“In the real world, after all, we are suppressed. If we force ourselves to resonate with the legal body in the big curtain and trace the past with the supreme Taoism, we will still be easily hit hard.” Someone said.
Wang Xuanran, can these peerless masters still do this at critical moments? All of them are extremely dangerous characters.
Chen Yongjie said: “It’s okay. They seem to need to prepare for a long time, and they have to pay a big price. In a real battle, who will honestly wait for them to resonate.”
“That’s it.” In the barrier, the man in black robe suddenly opened his eyes and pushed with all his strength again to make the last blurry scene appear, and others also contributed.
After the imperial flag was raised, the fire exploded and dimmed. After a long time, a rough, blood-stained hand carved a vague map here.
/Among the other people, some stretched out their hands to stop them, while others stepped back and ignored them.
“These two bastards are so unique. They destroyed them after I read them.” Chen Yongjie stared at them before he wrote down a corner of them.
Wang Xuan closed his eyes, and the complex map was replayed and reflected in his heart. Even with his spiritual eyes, h