o-called magic fetus method is also called the fairy fetus method by some people, at least he himself does not call it magic.

The blood spit out by the silver-haired god turned into a blood line and connected to the man in silver robe. An inexplicable halo penetrated into the body of the silver-haired god.
/“The gods cut off the flesh and blood with one strike!”
“Two cuts of gods, kill the soul!”
“Three cuts of gods, cutting time and space!”
The silver-haired god yelled. In fact, his three divine slashes had already been executed first. He was slashing everyone’s flesh, blood, and spirit. Wherever time and space were, the three slashes were not far away.
“Rebellion!” “Zhang Daoling” in the clone shouted, and passed his hands across. Mirrors were everywhere in the void, blocking them from all directions, reflecting back the light beams formed by the three slashes of the gods and the afterglow of the extraordinary rules.
This was a bit outrageous, and everyone who saw it was shocked.
Wang Xuan’s main body was also moved, thinking silently, these clones stealing time in the void and studying secret techniques are indeed extraordinary.
However, this can be regarded as his “self” acting on his own. After fusion, they will all become one and belong to his own technique.
“I’m just a main body. Everyone, you have to come together, otherwise it will be difficult to block it!” Lao Zhang in the clone thought he was the main body.
“I am the main body, stay away, watch my demon fire burn the sky, kill this hairy god!”
“What are you talking about? I am the main body. Get out of the way and let the hundred and eight thousand swords roar in unison to kill the foreign hairy god!”
“You all should die!” The silver-haired god spoke, and the silver light all over his body surged, sweeping across the sky and the earth!
However, a group of figures were fearless, all fighting for it, swooping over together to hunt the silver-haired god!
Since the beginning of mythology, the most powerful gods have always stood high and are worshiped by extraordinary beings. This is the highest achievement they pursue and the highest peak of life.
But now, there is a group of “lunatics”, each one more excited and arrogant than the other, scrambling to hunt the silver-haired god!
He is a god who has returned from the Great Barrier. He has a high status. Every word and deed has a supernatural aftertaste spreading, and the remaining power of order is expanding.
But now, he was beaten by a group of “self” led by a man.
“It’s crazy. It’s really unimaginable. The most powerful god has become the prey, surrounded and hunted by a group of madmen.”
In outer space, many people are dumbfounded and in disbelief.
Qingmu, Wu Yin, and Zhao Qinghan all glanced at it. This horse was a bit shameless.
/The mechanical bear was very “upright” and said, “How did the bear hear that you are his mount?”
“Pegasus steps on the moon to chase the bear punch!” Ma Chaofan roared and showed off his hooves decisively!
In the Health Palace, Chen Yongjie looked extremely