d him to change his name to Uncle Zhang on the spot.

Wang Xuan and Lao Zhang have a good relationship. Although they are not brothers, he feels that every time they talk, they are almost like equals.
Therefore, he upgraded himself. Looking at this crazy demon prince, he naturally thought that this was also his eldest nephew.
Everyone nearby was stunned, and then their eyes were strange, their faces were twitching, and their expressions were strange and they were holding back.
/Qi Liandao almost thought he heard wrongly and couldn’t believe his ears. He was so kind and smiling, who dared not give him face?
In fact, as the son of the Demon Ancestor, he rarely needs to take action. No matter where he goes, all parties must bow to him and be in awe of him.
What the hell, now there is an old-time prey who doesn’t know good or bad, and doesn’t know how to live or die, and he comes up and calls him his eldest nephew?
“You are looking for death!” Qi Liandao’s voice was cold, and he no longer had the interest to smile. His eyes were cold, revealing his crazy murderous intention and his true intention.
“Aren’t you the son of Demon Ancestor? I just met him not long ago and we signed a rough version of the new oath. Your father and I are on equal terms. Do you have any objections to calling you eldest nephew?” Wang Xuan asked flatly. .
Naturally, he will not be used to Qi Liandao. No matter if you are the biological son of the Demon Ancestor or not, he has been warned by Lao Zhang a long time ago that this demon is coming for him to seize the God-Slaying Flag!
Wang Xuan sneered. This person wanted to destroy his life and take away his unique treasure. He was destined to be helpless. How could he have any good words?
Although his realm is not as high as that of Qilian Dao, he still needs to have integrity. Just because he is a demon prince, he cannot not be called his eldest nephew.
“What a chicken!” Qi Liandao wanted to pick him up and directly cut off his spine. Even a little monk in this world dared to commit suicide, so he would just beat him to death in a short while.
“After breaking all the bones in your body, I won’t leave any bones for you. I’ll feed them to the dogs!” Qi Liandao said indifferently.
He is not normal in the first place. He is a ball of crazy consciousness created by the real Qi Liandao. He has an immortal body cultivated with the blood of various heavenly demons.
“Where is the True Immortal White Tiger? Go get him for me!” Wang Xuan said.
Everyone looked strange, where was this guy showing off? It’s really calm, dispatching troops and generals here, but where did the true immortal come from?
Then people saw a little white tiger about a foot long running from behind, and then in a flash of light and shadow, it transformed into a round-faced girl.
“Is it you, Bai Yuxian?!” Qi Liandao was surprised, is it really the white tiger?
/Everyone else was also shocked. Bai Yuxian was a well-known confidant of the Demon Lord. He was an extremely powerful and famous White Tiger Sky Demon.
Many peopl