whole body was cold and he was trembling.

He could see that the auras emanating from them, mainly a man and a woman, actually made him tremble and feel intense uneasiness.
/“Everyone, there is a bit of misunderstanding. I was impulsive. I’m sorry. I apologize. We have three ancestors coming over there. I was also a little impatient and worried that the reception would not be good, so I messed up my sense of proportion. Don’t blame me.”
He took the initiative and explained immediately, because he was really scared and didn’t want to suffer a loss here, so he left first.
With a bang, he was kicked by the miniature Sword Fairy. He couldn’t avoid it even if he wanted to, and flew out from the open box door.
The blond man fell to the ground in a panic, got up and left without daring to say anything harsh.
“Qingqing, you are so awesome!” The little fox fairy immediately praised.
“My name is Qingyao, you silly Baitian!” the little thing corrected, dissatisfied with the random name.
“It’s interesting. Some foreign gods have come, and they are not weak at all. No wonder the blond man is so confident and self-reliant.” Wang Xuan was a little surprised.
In the city, he would not scan around with his spiritual eyes when he had nothing to do. Now after a little search, he immediately discovered something unusual.
Obviously, Sword Fairy has already sensed it.
In the human world, strong people will hide their energy to avoid disturbing ordinary people. Now the people in the box in the distance have also noticed them, exuding very strong blood energy and powerful extraordinary fluctuations.
Eventually, those people came together.
“The old land is really amazing. Just one person can hurt my disciples. It’s really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon.” Someone said and opened the door.
There is no doubt that these people who came here are very arrogant. In fact, now they exude the aura of gods and are enveloped in divine light. Ordinary extraordinary people cannot stop them. They can even lower their heads and fall to the ground softly. .
“On the same level as the peerless immortals, three of the most powerful gods suddenly appeared in the old land.” Although Wang Xuankai was not afraid, he was a little surprised.
/Why are these people coming? Are they coming by spaceship from the Immortal Land?
The three leaders were covered by brilliant divine light, and they were all the most powerful gods in the great barrier.
In addition, beside them, there is a demon saint and a celestial being, who are quasi-peerless in the land of immortality, accompanying the gods from foreign lands.
The Demon Saint recognized the Sword Fairy, and his face changed slightly, but he quickly calmed down, because they had three peerless gods here.
“She is Jiang Qingyao, known as the strongest prodigy in modern times, and a quasi-peerless master.” The Demon Saint whispered, informing the three gods.
He didn’t know yet that the Sword Fairy had broken through the shackles and became one of the peerless immortals, and had broken through several small