thousands of square kilometers.

There was a faint rotten smell at the bottom of the dry lake, and there were bones underneath, ranging from the remains of birds thousands of meters long to the bones of finger-long gold-eating snakes.
At that time, Wang Xuan and the ferryman Xu Fu were swimming in the lake together. Unexpectedly, the water was full of corpses.
Now the lake has dried up, revealing the truth beneath the water.
Wang Xuan was thinking, if the ferryman Xu Fu comes back, how big the psychological shadow will be after seeing this scene? What kind of terrible land are we guarding?
“In the past, in the darkness, when there was heavy fog on the lake, countless pairs of red eyes appeared. Some were as big as mountains, and some were like blood-colored lanterns. They were densely packed and filled with evil spirits. Now I can understand.”
Wang Xuan nodded, this is not a kind place to begin with.
“The people who have passed away all live on the moon, or in other words, they live inside and outside the body of that giant beast, hanging high in the sky, but they are all dead.”
Zhang Qifan looked at this dead land and felt something in his heart. After all, members of the Eight Dead Lands were wiped out, which gave him a strong sense of crisis.
“Have you made any important discoveries?” Wang Xuan asked.
“Yes!” Zhang Qifan nodded.
Wang Xuan laughed. The other party chose this planet and brought him here just to give him these clues.
/Zhang Qifan said sarcastically: “The myth is over. We don’t have the treasure. Although we have discovered something, we don’t dare to pursue it after seeing some terrifying scenes.”
He took out a simple stone slab and said: “This is a strange object. It was once buried in this dead land. At the time, it truly recorded some horrifying scenes.”
He added: “Even creatures like the evil spirit, which are invisible to ordinary people and difficult for practitioners to see, have been captured by it.”
Wang Xuan took it and activated some extraordinary factors, and the entire stone slab was immediately burned red. Zhang Qifan was shocked. He felt that this person’s super matter was too overbearing, and the rare objects would be destroyed.
Fortunately, the stone slab held up, and silent but terrifying pictures emerged from it.
The moonlight was bright, the blue lake was filled with thin smoke, and everything was soft and beautiful. However, suddenly, the bright moon in the sky began to bleed over a large area.
/Then, it revealed its true appearance. It was a giant beast with a snake head, a leopard body covered with scales, huge redbird wings, and sharp roc claws under its four thick legs.
Its true body squeezed the sky, and many creatures rushed out from inside. They seemed to be wailing in the night sky. They were in an extremely painful state, but no sound could be heard, and then they exploded one after another.
Behemoths, belonging to a certain lost extraordinary civilization, were refined into semi-mature treasures. It was shrinking at the moment, and the last batch of cre