u drank the potion inside.

At this moment, Derrick felt that the chief’s light blue eyes seemed to become brighter.
The members of the exploration team made the most careful preparations one after another. Under the illumination of four animal skin lanterns, they walked along the stairs to the left of the statue and headed to the underground area step by step.
Derrick shifted to the position of holding the lantern, walking in front on the left, carefully going deep into the darkness.
He heard the footsteps of himself and his companions swaying from the surface of the stone steps, creating a distant and empty echo.
This echo was not disturbed in any way, indicating the absolute silence below, but in the hearts of each exploration team member, it was like a knock on the door, trying to open a secret that had been buried for countless years, and this made their spirits Had to be very tight.
After walking for an unknown amount of time, Derrick finally saw that the road ahead became smooth, and he also saw the newly discovered mural described by the contaminated Darkrikins.
Those murals exist in large areas on the walls on both sides, simply painted with some colors, making them look old, vicissitudes of life, and dim.
/Derrick took a casual glance and was attracted by one of the murals:
On the wall in front of the left, a white cross stood in the center, surrounded by sea-like blackness, drowning many humans struggling to stretch out their arms.
On the cross is the “Fallen Creator” hanging upside down. The rusty iron nails and bloody stains are no different from the idols of the outside world.
But in this mural, the “Fallen Creator” is suffering from the erosion of black, so that the whiteness of the cross has become dark in some places.
Beyond that, the cross supports a hazy patch of earth, where countless humans kneel in prayer to the “fallen Creator.”
Around the picture, in the deepest darkness, there are figures like six evil gods hiding.
In the upper left corner is a girl wearing a black classic dress. Her clothes are layered but not complicated, and are inlaid with many stars-like rays of light. Her body is relatively blurred, with signs of ripples emanating from the outside, and her face is blurred. , seems to be wearing a mask without facial features.
Around her, darkness surged, and strange eyes loomed.
Directly above was a young man wearing a pure white robe. His face was painted pure gold, and radiant tentacles grew out.
His hands were holding a rotten green book and a spear condensed with light, and his chest and vest were in reverse positions.
In the upper right corner is a monster holding a trident. It has an octopus-like head, wide eyes, and is wrapped in lightning.
The feathers of countless birds formed its cloak, and the darkness turned into waves to support its feet.
On the lower right is a plump and soft lady, with her chest bulging high and naked outside her clothes. In her arms is a baby with a rotten face. Under her feet are black wheat ears with squirming pieces of flesh. Spring