rising. You all hide in a safe enough area. Just don’t let Mu Qing’s fleet attack the old land!” Wang Xuan said briefly and quickly.

Then, the giant ship was destroyed by him. The Yudao gun pierced the huge metal hull, detonated the energy system, and destroyed one more ship.
The mechanical bear contacted the fleets of the Zhao family and the Zhong family, causing both parties to mistakenly think that the enemy was interfering. At first, they did not believe it. It was not until Zhao Zejun and Lao Zhong personally gave the order that they retreated.
In the starry sky, Mu Qing’s two fleets, the warships disintegrated on their own and scattered. It was really unbearable. The young man who looked like a demon opposite had picked up a huge ship, which was burning countless funds.
At the same time, densely packed robots appeared, all equipped with the latest and powerful energy systems, with terrifying firepower, no less powerful than a small ship.
This is a space warrior designed deep in the starry sky. In the future, this kind of intelligent robot will be the main force, and in the future, it will achieve the feat of destroying stars alone.
Now, a large number of robots appear. Although it is far from what was imagined, it is still impressive. The energy beams interweave like a hellish battlefield, destroying everything!
However, when Wang Xuan came to kill, this steel jungle-like army collapsed immediately. One man and one shot drove the monstrous red clouds, and the red material stirred up and swept across the starry sky. After being blessed by the treasure Royal Dao Spear, the extraordinary factors radiated. Extremely terrifying!
Wherever Wang Xuan passed, the robots collapsed, and many large robots covered by the red clouds melted directly and turned into metal residues.
At the same time, the warships in this area exploded. It was a massacre. A modern man was holding a cold weapon, covered with mysterious patterns, and nothing could resist him wherever he passed.
/Mu Qing’s cold face lost its composure, and his heart was trembling. This was his family’s fortune, did he really want to spend it all?
How could one person have so much super matter, and how did the other person accumulate it?
He asked himself, under a special opportunity, the treasure life pool received an amazing replenishment after witnessing the piercing of the universe, so that was it.
At the same time, he realized that Wang Xuan had discovered him and was about to attack him. The aura of the treasure was permeating the air. It was so frightening that they could sense each other.
“Fellow Daoist Wang, I am here to help you. I sincerely regret it, and I hope you will put aside the past grudges.” The originator of the Gouchen Underground Palace was in a very embarrassed state, with disheveled hair, covered in blood, and was badly damaged by the bombing, and his body was almost destroyed.
He hid behind Wang Xuan at this time, using the “pure land” cleared by Wang Dixian to avoid the bombardment of distant warships. The rotten man seemed un