“Brother, who is he?” Xianyue asked.
“The true body of Dao Master Yuan’s consciousness.” Minglun looked solemn.
Yuandao told him that he couldn’t even appear as a simulated personality, and that he needed to forget all bad thoughts to be safe.
/“Even the strongest fallen person will get into trouble?” Xianyue teased privately.
“Even experiencers who live in other people’s bodies for tens or hundreds of years in accordance with the agreement may be backlashed. What’s more, degenerates who directly take away other people’s lives. In history, not many degenerates have been killed, and the ones left behind are the most A great group of people.”
Later, Minglun entered the secret room, and when he came out again, he was very brilliant, and his whole figure seemed to have experienced sacred baptism, giving people a sincere and pure feeling.
“Brother, I feel like you have changed.” Xian Yue showed a strange look.
Minglun nodded and said: “After all, I may come into contact with that special person in the future. Although I have no ill intentions towards him and really want to cooperate, it is better to be more sincere. I have purified my spirit.”
“I’ll purify it too.” Xian Yue smiled brightly.
The journey between Wang Xuan and Zhao Qinghan was very peaceful, with no twists and turns. Of course, if there were any, they would have been “neutralized” by him.
Unfortunately, there are no special discoveries in the places where those ancient spaceships were found. Recently, those old ships have gone away and are scattered throughout the universe.
Zhao Qinghan said: “They move frequently and suddenly travel far away. This is an organized and large-scale mobilization. They should have a big action plan.”
Wang Xuan thought, this is indeed the case, these people may make big moves.
They came to a planet that maintained original scenery. The natural scenery was extremely magnificent. The afterglow of the setting sun dyed the mountains and forests red. There was a huge phoenix flying, bathing in the sunset. It was like a myth reappearing, carrying two people and a bear, flying into the sky. city, enjoying various beautiful scenery along the way.
This is the sacred bird of the Yu Clan. Of course, it has degraded now, but its body is still very powerful, barely maintaining the level of extraordinary.
/After Wang Xuan revealed his magical power, he was recognized by the Yu clan and treated as a distinguished guest. Phoenix was sent to take them into the royal city as a sign of respect.
Back then, the royal city was suspended in the sky, but now it rests on the most magnificent mountain. The top of the mountain has been flattened, making it majestic enough for the ancient city to sit on it.
They lived here for several days. Wang Xuan purchased some extraordinary blood for the laboratory in exchange for red super matter. The extraordinary divine blood of the Yu tribe that was frozen in the snowy mountains was still somewhat active, which was already considered rare.
A few days later, they came to another planet and ente