in the plane and chase the extraordinary sea of ??light. One mistake may be the last dance on earth!”

When Wang Xuan heard such words, his heart felt heavy. That situation was entirely possible. He whispered: “Send me off to you seniors, I must succeed.”
/Who would have thought that all the changes in the world might be completed in an instant.
The gods fell from the sky and the immortals became mortals. In order to find the last piece of extraordinary pure land, they searched the universe and risked their lives to go far away and enter the unknown world.
All this happened too quickly and too violently. The myth died and the world returned to normal.
“Is it the error correction of the universe that favors ordinary people, or is it due to other reasons? We don’t know why there is transcendence, but it is so short-lived?”
A top immortal said, “In this era, there is no talk of immortality. If this continues, even he will become a mortal.”
“Since it gives people hope and longing, there are myths in the world, not just stories, why can’t they last forever? A shining of extraordinary fire is too short-lived.”
A sword immortal spoke, and ten-color sword light flowed in his soul. However, his face was full of vicissitudes of life. In this era, his sword was no longer sharp. Not to mention cutting through the void and breaking mountains and rivers, he could not even fly with the sword now. Arrive and fall into the mortal world.
Ahead, the scene is quite magnificent, a dark universe, with cracks in the plane one after another. They are not visible on weekdays, but only recently have light shined through.
People know that it is caused when the extraordinary sea of ??light moves away, passes through the plane group, fills the caves, and flows through the gaps in the universe.
Wang Xuan followed the others and entered the great rift in the universe ahead. A super civilization that passed away a long time ago called this place the Abyss.
Only when you get close to here can you feel its magnificence and depth. The crack is actually very big. If there is no light, it is like an abyss.
Now, with its soft glow, it’s less scary and more like a piece of heaven lying there, waiting to be explored.
Wang Xuan didn’t just send them in and then turn around and leave. He also wanted to go deep and see what was going on in the gap between the planes. He personally took the health furnace with him.
If possible, he hoped to witness the Sword Fairy’s resurrection here. He would be uneasy if he didn’t see her come out again.
There are many strong people coming here. Many of the gods and immortals want to cross the sea, but they have not extinguished the extraordinary fire in their hearts and want to find a new mythical soil.
Wang Xuan walked with many acquaintances and communicated with each other.
It looks like a gap from a distance, but after entering, this place is a plane passage, a world-class cave. Once you get here, you can feel some extraordinary aftertaste.
It’s a very strange plane. It’s gray and lifeless on weekdays,